Viet Nam Has Achieved a Milestone as the World’s Best Culinary Destination for 2023

Viet Nam Has Achieved a Milestone as the World’s Best Culinary Destination for 2023

Travel + Leisure, a publication headquartered in New York, has named Vietnam the best culinary destination in Asia for 2023.

Vietnam was cited as one of the top six culinary vacation spots in August by Scotland's well-known ticket booking service SkyScanner, which noted that the country offers "a perfect bowl of pho (noodle soup) for less than £1 and a local beer to wash it down with for about 50p."

"You'll know why Vietnam is so beloved by foodies if you've ever tucked into a steaming dish of pho. The cuisine is delicious; think pillowy rolls with banh mi filling and tender, fresh summer rolls with shrimp and mint leaves "the airline reservation website wrote.

It advised taking an hour-long domestic flight to H'i An, a lesser-known foodie capital, where Chinese, French, and Japanese elements join to create a distinctive take on Vietnamese cuisine, after rifling through Hanoi's street food stalls.

In a dish of pho, flat, soft rice noodles are dipped in a flavorful broth made of beef or poultry and various seasonings. A banh mi is a thin baguette that has been grilled over embers and is stuffed with meat, pate, crunchy pickled veggies, fresh herbs, mayonnaise, and a hot chili sauce.

The Travel readers called Vietnamese food among the top 10 in the world in July, praising the nation's most exceptional dishes as being pho, cha gio (spring rolls), and banh mi.

"Visitors will actually be confused by the country's vast variety of cuisine. Like many Asian nations, Vietnam is a great location to start a food exploration because noodle soups are so common there. This pho noodle soup from Vietnam contains herbs, either beef or poultry, "One of the top travel websites in the world,, wrote.

"One can then sample some snacks like spring rolls and baguettes after sampling the nation's national dish. There are various rice dishes to sample, some of which include poultry, others of which include beef or pork "It was ad.

One of the most popular Vietnamese recipes, bun cha (grilled pork with rice noodles), will be highlighted in the Platinum Jubilee Cookbook in June to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation on February 6, 1952.

A very popular dish called bun cha is believed to have originated in Hanoi. Elegant eateries and basic street vendors can both be found in Vietnam's bustling capital city's busy streets. Along with pho, bun cha represents the exquisite culinary tradition of Hanoi and is the ideal fusion of rice products, meat, vegetables, seasonings, and regional special dipping sauce.

During a brief trip to Vietnam in 2016, then-President Barack Obama dined on bun cha on his first evening there after declaring the previous morning that he also wanted to drink the nation's signature iced coffee, ca phe sua da.



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