Do You Know Males in Thailand Were All Buddhist Monks For a While?

Do You Know Males in Thailand Were All Buddhist Monks For a While?

Before they reached 20 years old, all young men in Thailand (including members of the royal family) were required to become Buddhist monks, even if only for a brief period of time. However, this practice is no longer followed as frequently as it once was.

In Thailand, being asked to a monk ordination ceremony is a privilege and a sign that you have earned the family's respect. It's a chance to learn more about Buddhism and Thai society. It will be helpful if you know a little bit about the service and what to anticipate.

In Thailand, the majority of men will ultimately become monks. Being a monk in Thailand can last as little as a day or as long as the remainder of a man's life, which is not as long-term as it would be in the West. Thai males are typically in the middle. Most Thai companies permit unpaid leave for a week, a few weeks, or even a few months so a Thai man can enter the monastic life.

For a man in Thailand, becoming a monk demonstrates his dedication to his Buddhist religion. Additionally, it frequently occurs before marriage, with some families forbidding their daughter from wed to a guy who hasn't been one. Making the decision to join the local temple's fraternity can help you stay out of trouble with the prospective bride's family.

Before the ordination rituals, there will probably be a sizable celebration, perhaps comparable to a young man's 21st birthday party in the West. The aspiring monk sees each family member before the day of ordination to seek forgiveness for earlier transgressions and to sever the ties that bind people together.

He has his scalp and eyebrows ritually shaved before the ordination, typically at home, during a ceremony. His parents, grandparents, and other family members, in order of status, cut off the first few locks. Shaving is a practice that denies libido and vanity.

The Tham Kwan Nak ritual and donning of the white robes will now take place. An specialist in these matters will lead the session, reciting verses that describe the struggles parents face while raising their children for about two hours. The young man's final indulgence before giving up the world of the body and embracing the austere life of a monk is the feasting, which follows this.



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