Bangkok Purple Line is Being Built and Will Start in 2027

Bangkok Purple Line is Being Built and Will Start in 2027

For the 23.6 km southern extension of the Purple Line metro in Bangkok, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has signed three contracts for project management and building supervision.

Construction was begin on June 2022, and notice to continue has already been given to the project's six civil works contractors.

The extension, which will open in 2027 and serve 17 underground and elevated stops, extends from Tao Poon to Rat Burana. The endeavor will cost Baht 2.6 billion ($75.4 million).

According to MRTA, "no proposals fulfilled the requirements," making it impossible to hire a project implementation consultant for the Purple Line extension. For this contract, a new procurement exercise will be conducted.

According to MRTA, which concurs with the six civil works contractors who were given notice to continue on April 25, the project management and construction supervision consultants are prepared to get to work right away.

The Purple Line Extension's six civil works contracts, totaling a combined Baht 82 billion, were awarded in March.

Contract 1 is valued Baht 19.4 billion and entails the design and building of three underground stations, cut and cover tunnels, and bored tunnels for the 4.8 km Tao Pun to National Library section. It has been given to the Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction and CH Karnchang joint company CKST-PL.

Additionally, CKST-PL has been given the Baht 15.9 billion Contract 2, which will encompass three underground stations, architectural work, and underground civil works on the 2.4 km section between the National Library and Phan Fa.

The 3.1 km Phan Fa - Memorial Bridge portion of Contract 3 is covered by underground civil works totaling Baht 15.1 billion, including two underground stations. The joint partnership between Italian-Thai Development and Nawarat Patanakarn, known as ITD-NWR MRT, is the contractor.

Under Contract 4, costing Baht 15 billion, underground civil works on the 4.1 km section between Memorial Bridge and Dao Khanong are to be carried out. These will be constructed by Unique Engineering and Construction and include transitional structures, cut and cover tunnels, bored tunnels, and two underground stations.

Contract 5 is for civil construction on the 9 km elevated Dao Khanong - Khru Nai section, and it cost Bhat 13.1 billion to award it to Italian-Thai Development. The deal also calls for the construction of viaducts, seven elevated stations, four park-and-ride lots with a combined capacity of 1920 cars near Rat Burana and Bang Pakok, as well as a train staging area on Kanchanapisek Road.

Contract 6, worth Baht 3.6 billion and encompassing trackwork from Tao Pun to Khru Na, including the conductor rail and other related works, had also been awarded to Italian-Thai development.



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