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Snoop Dogg Has Launched An Indonesian Coffee Brand
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Snoop Dogg Has Launched An Indonesian Coffee Brand

The INDOxyz coffee company was recently launched by American rapper Snoop Dogg and Indonesian coffee entrepreneur Michael Riday, the grandson of business tycoon Mochtar Riady.

The coffee beans used by the company are grown in Bali, Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra.

“My relationship with coffee goes way back,” the 51-year-old rapper said in a statement.

“The many long nights in the studio making hit after hit, coffee provided the fuel which kept us going. Today marks the launch of a new company I created along with my partner Michael, who introduced me to the best-tasting Indonesian coffee. Indo is going to change the industry. I can promise you that.”

The INDOxys rollout begins in select California stores. According to the press release, the brand will launch in Las Vegas before expanding to other cities across the country.

INDOxys will be sold online through the company's website. In the coming months, Snoop Dogg's coffee will be available at Amazon, Albertsons, Erewhon, Pavilions, Safeway, Sprouts, and Vons.

"I've long admired Snoop for his dedication and business savvy. Working with him and building this company has been an incredible journey, and I believe that together we can make an impact in the industry with a brand that resonates with the next generation, "Michael said.

Snoop Dogg's INDOxyz cold brew is $5.99, and the whole bean is $17.99. It is not yet available in markets other than the United States.



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