Shifting Focus to the People: ASEAN Introduces Its Official 'Newsroom'

Shifting Focus to the People: ASEAN Introduces Its Official 'Newsroom'
Image by Kominfo

The ASEAN Newsroom was officially launched during the 43rd ASEAN Summit as a step towards promoting people-centered values.

Minister of Communications and Informatics Budi Arie Setiadi said that one of the efforts to support this people-centered approach is the establishment of the ASEAN Newsroom. It aims to strengthen cooperation among news agencies of ASEAN member states and expand news coverage.

This move is part of the implementation of a long-term vision that shifts the focus from the state (state-centric) to the people (people-centric). This value shift is intended to increase community awareness and engagement in ASEAN issues.

In addition, the ASEAN Newsroom will serve as a channel for information sharing and mutual reinforcement of news among ASEAN member states to enable a smoother flow of news. This cooperation among news agencies from different ASEAN member states in sharing information reflects ASEAN's determination to realize a people-centered approach.

With this, the ASEAN Newsroom also aims to deliver various programs and achievements from the Southeast Asian region through timely, accurate, and reliable news.

Budi Arie Setiadi also explained that the first task of the ASEAN Newsroom is to create an ASEAN Newsroom Corner to support the successful implementation and coverage of the agenda of the 43rd ASEAN Summit. The ASEAN Newsroom will operate from Jakarta and will be located at the LKBN Antara building.

The presence of the ASEAN Newsroom is expected to be the first step in strengthening relations not only among news agencies in the ASEAN region, but also with various media from member countries. It is hoped that the Newsroom will improve news quality, objectivity and regional understanding in the coverage of important events in the ASEAN region.

Such improved relationships also have the potential to indirectly support the education and knowledge enhancement of the ASEAN community. In the long run, the ASEAN Newsroom has the potential to become a source of ASEAN data that can be used by various parties outside the ASEAN region.

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