Balancing the Scales: Airlines in Thailand Address Passenger Weight Issues

Balancing the Scales: Airlines in Thailand Address Passenger Weight Issues

Have you ever thought that your weight could affect your air travel? Recently, some Thai airlines started an initiative to check the weight of passengers and their luggage before boarding the plane. What's the goal? They want to create a more efficient flying experience by optimizing weight distribution, which can ultimately reduce fuel consumption.

During the week of October 16-20, a number of passengers at Don Mueang Airport were given the opportunity to participate in voluntary weigh-ins conducted by several airlines. One of them, Fly AirAsia, shared information about the initiative on its Facebook page, with the aim of collecting average weight data that could help improve flight efficiency in the future.

The airline will also use the weight data to improve and enhance service efficiency in accordance with established safety standards. The initiative is a collaboration between the airline and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand to collect passenger weight data. Interestingly, this data will be kept confidential in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Recently, Thai Lion Air also joined this innovative move. They invited passengers to participate in weighing themselves and their luggage during the week of October 17-20 in order to collect valuable average weight statistics. All of this is aimed at creating a more efficient aviation future.

Thai Lion Air is also working closely with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, and it is important to note that passenger data will be kept confidential in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Weighing passengers and their baggage before boarding is a voluntary process and will only be implemented at Don Mueang Airport on selected flights.

Another airline rumored to be participating in the initiative is Bangkok Airways.  From the middle to the end of this month, Bangkok Airways will also be inviting passengers to participate in a weighing survey along with their hand luggage.

It's not just Thai airlines that are doing this, the passenger weighing rule has also been adopted by foreign airlines with the aim of investigating and calculating the standard and average weight of passengers.

On May 30, Air New Zealand announced a five-week program to weigh passengers at the departure gate as part of a customer weight survey. Meanwhile, in August, Korean Air began weighing passengers and baggage on domestic and international flights.

The data collected will be used not only to improve flight safety, but also to adjust weight distribution in the air and ultimately reduce excessive fuel consumption. This suggests that we may be witnessing more exciting changes in the world of aviation in the near future.

Source: The Taiger | Nation Thailand | VnExpress International

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