Four Southeast Asian Cities Ranked among the World’s 20 Worst for Quality of Life

Four Southeast Asian Cities Ranked among the World’s 20 Worst for Quality of Life

Numbeo, a crowdsourced data company based in Serbia, has just published a ranking of cities with a favorable quality of life for the mid-year of 2023. The Quality of Life Index is derived from the application of an empirical formula that incorporates several elements that influence an individual's quality of life.

Those elements include the Purchasing Power Index, Pollution Index, House Price to Income Ratio, Cost of Living Index, Safety Index, Health Care Index, Traffic Commute Time Index, and Climate Index, with each specific requirement.

Following that, Numbeo uses reliable data sources and user polls to calculate the grade. The surveys seek to acquire data on the personal viewpoints and experiences of Numbeo's website visitors pertaining to the aforementioned aspects of quality of life. Furthermore, numerous scientific and government surveys have inspired the kinds of questions covered in these polls.

According to the Numbeo website, it is evident that Manila, in the Philippines, has been identified as the city with the worst quality of life. This rank is drawn from the 195 cities being surveyed, with Manila accounting for the lowest index score of 41.1. Following this, Ho Chi Minh City in Viet Nam ranked seventh lowest. The city obtained an index score of 63.9, placing it in the 189th city with a good quality of life worldwide.

In addition, Jakarta, Indonesia, is positioned as the ninth city with the lowest quality of living, or alternatively, it may be described as being 187th among 195 cities, with an index score of 69.7. Bangkok, Thailand, is another Southeast Asian city towards the 15th bottom of the list, or, in other words, coming in at number 181 globally.

However, three cities within the Southeast Asia region have shown a distinct inclination towards outperforming the 20 cities with the worst quality of living. What do you think it might be?

Hanoi, Viet Nam, is positioned in the 167th spot, with its overall quality of life index scoring at 99.9. Ahead of Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has secured a ranking of 139th with a quality of life index score of 116.9.

Lastly, it is undeniable that Singapore has the finest quality of life in Southeast Asia, ranking 80th globally. This achievement is attributed to its superior score of 153.3, surpassing other nations in the area.



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