Indonesia secures agreement to sell 25 N219 aircraft to China

Indonesia secures agreement to sell 25 N219 aircraft to China

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has signed a cooperation agreement with Linkfield Technologies, a Chinese company, to sell 25 units of the N219 aircraft at The Aero Asia 2023 event. These aircraft will be customized with special configurations according to the operational needs of the end user.

The agreement was reached during The Aero Asia event in which PTDI participated at the Zhuhai International Airshow Center, China. The Letter of Intent (LoI) was signed by Moh. Arif Faisal, PTDI's Director of Trade, Technology & Development, and Patrick Goh, Director of Linkfield Technologies.

The collaboration between PTDI and Linkfield Technologies is a continuation of the previously established relationship. Patrick Goh, who had previously visited PT Dirgantara Indonesia in Bandung, expressed his view that aircraft such as the N219 remain a necessity for regional connectivity.

Of the total, 5 units will be delivered to end-user Bandung Airlines Co. Ltd, an airline in China, while 20 units will be allocated to leasing companies in China.

Moh. Arif Faisal, PTDI's Director of Commerce, Technology & Development, said that the N219 Nurtanio was designed and developed entirely by Indonesian engineers. He believes that this cooperation is an important milestone for the N219 to enter the global market.

According to Indonesian Aerospace, the N219 Nurtanio can be configured for various purposes, including passenger, troop, cargo, medical evacuation, patrol, and search and rescue (SAR). These different configurations make the N219 Nurtanio highly suitable for different types of missions, including military operations of war (OMP) and military operations other than war (OMSP). As a result, the N219 Nurtanio can function as both a military and a civilian aircraft.

In terms of maximum cruise speed, the N219 Nurtanio reaches 210 knots or about 388 km/h, which provides good cruise performance. The N219 Nurtanio also has a range of 828 NM (1,533 km) under maximum fuel conditions.

In addition, the N219 Nurtanio has operational capabilities that include an operating altitude of up to 10,000 ft or the equivalent of 3 km. On the other hand, when flying at higher altitudes, the N219 Nurtanio can reach a maximum altitude of up to 24,000 ft or approximately 7.3 km. This capability makes it very suitable for conducting missions in high altitude areas. With its compact size and operational capabilities, the N219 Nurtanio provides an advantage in reaching remote areas.

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