Potato Head Bali Achieves Global Recognition with New Certification in World-Class Regenerative Tourism

Potato Head Bali Achieves Global Recognition with New Certification in World-Class Regenerative Tourism

Desa Potato Head in Bali recently achieved B-Corp certification, making it one of the world's most environmentally and socially responsible businesses. As a leading ecotourism destination, Potato Head has been recognized as one of the Best Hotels in the World for 2023. With a strong commitment to waste management, using local food sources, and providing excellent service while minimizing environmental impact, Potato Head stands out as a notable leader in sustainability.

Over the past seven years, Desa Potato Head has successfully reduced waste to landfills by over 90%, with a mission to become a zero-waste operation without compromising high standards of hospitality. Through the Sweet Potato Project, they support two synthetic farms in western Bali, providing nutritious food and employment opportunities for local communities less impacted by the island's tourism.

In its first year, the farm produced 1,800 kg of food, helping to provide 12,500 community meals for neighbors.

In addition to sustainable tourism and hospitality, Potato Head practices regenerative business. To them, regenerative hospitality means inspiring future generations to explore destinations in ways that enrich both the destination and its visitors. This commitment aims to create positive change in the hospitality industry that benefits guests, local communities and the environment.

Manish Puri, Chief Operating Officer of Potato Head Bali, said that the new B Corp status aims to strengthen the company's commitment to regenerative hospitality. According to him, the B-Corp certification recognizes Potato Head Bali's ongoing efforts to create enjoyable experiences while contributing to the greater good.

Furthermore, Puri emphasized the company's understanding of the responsibility that comes with this achievement and its determination to continually raise the standards of sustainable practices and social responsibility in the hospitality industry.

Newly certified as a B-Corp, Desa Potato Head is the second accommodation in Bali after Mana Earthly Paradise in Ubud. Located in Seminyak, Desa Potato Head is a rural boutique hotel set amidst the rice fields of Penestanan and Sayan and is a sprawling complex of resorts, beach clubs, restaurants, waste labs, art and design spaces, spas, health areas, and music studios.

As the New Year approaches, Desa Potato Head is planning a special night of live music from world-class artists. Attendees will embark on a musical journey through various genres before midnight at some of the world's best nightclubs and hotels. The party will be energized by Palms Trax, Shanti Celeste, Kamma & Masalo and Omoloko. The dance floor will be expanded to provide ample space for expression. Tickets are still available online, including limited VIP packages.

Source: The Bali Sun

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