VinFast MirrorSense Grabs as Innovation Award Honoree at CES 2024

VinFast MirrorSense Grabs as Innovation Award Honoree at CES 2024
Image by VinFast

VinFast was recently recognized for its cutting-edge technology, VinFast MirrorSense. This technology represents the world's first AI-based automatic mirror adjustment technology and is the result of a collaboration between VinFast Auto (Nasdaq: VFS) and VinAI, a subsidiary of Vingroup specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development.

The technology won the Innovation Award Honoree in the Advanced Vehicle Technology and Mobility category at CES 2024. VinFast MirrorSense accurately identifies the driver's head position and gaze direction with an accuracy of 10mm and automatically adjusts the position of all mirrors accordingly.

VinFast MirrorSense features an automatic mirror adjustment technology that accurately identifies the driver's head position and gaze direction with an accuracy of 10mm. This technology then automatically adjusts the position of all the car's mirrors based on these findings.

To date, VinFast MirrorSense has undergone a series of extensive tests using a dataset of 25,000,000 images from 250,000 real-world subjects. The performance of this feature has been tested and validated through the analysis of 504 internally collected videos with the participation of 126 individuals representing diverse demographics. The seamless integration of this product into smart vehicles equipped with the Driver and Occupant Monitoring System (DOMS), which uses cameras to monitor drivers, further highlights the reliable performance and adaptability of VinFast MirrorSense.

Tran Mai Hoa, Deputy CEO of Sales and Marketing at VinFast Global, emphasizes that customer safety is VinFast's top priority. She expresses her pride in the international recognition VinFast MirrorSense has received and her confidence that this technology will play a crucial role in promoting electric vehicles as smart, safe and sustainable mobility solutions for the global community.

The development of this technology can be applied to enhance driving safety features, such as augmented reality displays on head-up displays and automatic adjustment of seat settings. This is expected to provide an intelligent, comfortable and safe driving experience on every journey.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bui Hai Hung, CEO of VinAI, expressed his delight at the recognition of Vietnam's automotive technology product at CES 2024. By integrating advanced AI solutions into electric vehicles, VinAI is actively contributing to shaping the future of intelligent vehicles and setting new standards in safety. This achievement is considered a significant milestone in VinAI's ongoing journey to deliver innovative solutions to global customers.

At CES 2024, in addition to VinFast MirrorSense, VinFast and VinAI will showcase a number of innovative technologies, including the Driver & Occupant Monitoring System (DOMS) and the Advanced Driver Monitoring System (ASVM) with JellyView. JellyView is a 360-degree panoramic observation system that effectively identifies and alerts the driver to blind spots around the vehicle, providing a full 360-degree view of the vehicle's surroundings inside the cabin.

These latest innovations will be seamlessly integrated into VinFast's electric vehicles and showcased at booth 6417 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the future of automotive technology firsthand.

The Innovation Award Honoree is an annual competition held by CES to recognize outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The Innovation Award Honoree's AI-based automatic mirror adjustment technology not only demonstrates the vision and capabilities of VinFast and VinAI, but also marks a pivotal moment in history. This award strengthens the ever-growing global presence and underscores the potential of the Vietnamese brand to innovate and contribute to the dynamic world of technology.

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