You Won't Go Home After You Come Here! Best Place to Go in 2024

You Won't Go Home After You Come Here! Best Place to Go in 2024
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With international tourism rebounding and a surge in passport demand, popular world destinations are busier than ever before. International tourism has recovered about 90% of pre-pandemic levels. However, amid the crowds, there are still many fascinating places yet to be discovered or often overlooked.

Perhaps it's time for travelers to explore more remote locations, discover end-of-season charms, or delve into seldom-visited small towns. It's also an opportunity to support sustainable tourism by choosing environmentally friendly destinations.

Considering these considerations, here are ten places you should consider as travel destinations in 2024, according to CNN Travel:

Sumba, Indonesia

For those who only know Bali as a tourist destination in this country, you should start learning more about Sumba. This destination is just a one-hour flight from Bali. Although not yet widely known globally, don't be mistaken, Sumba is not a small island. The island covers an area of ​​more than 4,000 square miles (over 10,000 square kilometers) - twice the size of Bali.

Sumba boasts stunning natural beauty, from beautiful beaches, and clear waterfalls, to vast savannahs. Not only that, you can also enjoy the unique and still preserved cultural richness. One of them is the Marapu Death Ceremony, a traditional Sumba funeral ceremony, which is one of the fascinating cultural attractions.

Türkiye’s Black Sea Coast

Because of its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and unique culture, this place deserves to be considered in your travel wishlist. The Black Sea region, also known as Karadeniz, offers an interesting alternative to popular resorts in Türkiye like the Turquoise Coast. With cooler and more humid weather, Türkiye’s Black Sea Coast treats visitors to lush green landscapes and delicious black tea.

Historical cities like Safranbolu, beautiful beaches in Amasra, and ancient monasteries in Sumela await exploration, while extreme sports enthusiasts can enjoy rafting in the summer and heli-skiing in the Kaçkar Mountains in the winter.

Tainan, Taiwan

Tainan stands as the fourth-largest city in Taiwan and holds the title of the oldest city on the island. It boasts a rich history and diverse culture, offering a plethora of captivating tourist destinations. Tainan is steeped in history, evident in its various historical sites like the Tainan Confucian Temple, Anping Fort, and Tainan National History Museum. It serves as Taiwan's cultural hub, hosting numerous museums, art galleries, and traditional art performances.

Visitors can also revel in breathtaking natural beauty, ranging from stunning beaches and towering mountains to lush forests. Tainan is renowned for its delectable cuisine, blending influences from Chinese, Japanese, and Dutch cultures. Some must-try Tainan delicacies include Tainan dry noodles, Tainan rice cakes, and black pork soup.


Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, Algeria, and Western Sahara, Morocco presents sights that must be seen to be believed. Morocco has been a cultural crossroads for centuries, reflected in its architecture, art, and cuisine. The ancient city of Marrakech, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, epitomizes this cultural fusion. It boasts beautiful historic buildings, including palaces, mosques, and markets.

The country also features a variety of museums, art galleries, and traditional art performances to enjoy. For instance, the National Museum of Moroccan Art in Rabat houses an extensive collection of Moroccan art, including paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. The Museum of Islamic Art in Marrakech is also a great place to delve into Islamic art and culture.


Located in Southeastern Europe, Albania offers an affordable destination with a captivating ambiance and diverse landscapes. Here, you'll encounter peaceful and serene towns alongside stunning natural beauty, from snow-capped mountains to enchanting crystal-clear lakes. Albania's beaches are equally breathtaking, with pristine waters and dramatic coastlines.

Albania is also rich in historical and cultural heritage, from ancient Roman ruins to medieval monasteries. UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the city of Gjirokastra add to the country's cultural charm. Another intriguing aspect is the peaceful coexistence between churches and mosques, reflecting Albania's distinctive interfaith harmony.


For all you beach hunters out there, Chile might just be the place for you. Located in South America, the country boasts the longest coastline in the world. Pichilemu Beach is one of Chile's most popular beaches, known for its surf-friendly waves. Meanwhile, Viña del Mar Beach is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and nightlife.

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is a dynamic and modern city that offers several tourist attractions, such as the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts, the National History Museum of Chile, and La Moneda Palace. In addition to Santiago, Chile has many historic towns and villages worth visiting. For example, the city of Valparaiso is a beautiful port city known for its colorful architecture.

Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia

Located about 100 miles (160 km) off the coast of Western Australia, the Abrolhos Islands consist of 122 islands and atolls and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These islands are of significant importance to Australia's Indigenous people, with historical sites related to Australian Aboriginal culture found on several islands.

The Abrolhos Islands also have maritime historical significance and serve as a historic site for fishing and shipping. Historic sites related to maritime history can be found on several islands in the Abrolhos Islands. Visitors can also enjoy the vibrant marine life through scuba diving or snorkeling. The beaches of the Abrolhos Islands have soft white sand, clear seawater and are home to a variety of fish and coral reefs.

Macedonia, Greece

Having witnessed both World War I and World War II, this place boasts a rich history. Macedonia is also the birthplace of Alexander the Great, remembered as a historical figure who unified ancient Greece, and one of the most famous conquerors in history.

The region is also home to several other ancient historical sites, such as the ancient cities of Pella and Vergina. Pella was the capital of the ancient Macedonian kingdom, and Vergina is the site of Alexander the Great's tomb.

Galicia, Spain

Galicia is the birthplace of the Celtic people, one of the most influential ancient civilizations in Europe. The region is also home to several other ancient historical sites, such as the ancient cities of Lugo and Santiago de Compostela. Lugo is the capital of the province of Lugo, and Santiago de Compostela is an important Christian pilgrimage destination.

Galicia also has a rich modern history. The region was the site of important battles during the Spanish Civil War and World War II. Galician culture is a unique blend of influences from various cultures, including Celtic, Roman, and Arabic.

Singapore's Offshore Islands

Known for its advanced economy, towering skyscrapers, and beautiful parks, Singapore surprisingly has several offshore islands that offer diverse natural beauty and culture. Singapore has five main offshore islands, namely Sentosa Island, Kusu Island, Lazarus Island and Tekong Island.

These islands offer various natural beauties, ranging from beautiful beaches and lush forests to diverse coral reefs. Singapore's offshore islands also offer a variety of delicious cuisines influenced by various cultures, including Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian.

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