This Island Is More Populous Than 6 Southeast Asian Countries Plus Australia

This Island Is More Populous Than 6 Southeast Asian Countries Plus Australia
Credit: ANTARA Foto

Java, one of the islands of Indonesia, has become the center of life for an unbelievable number of people. Despite its small geographical size, comprising only 7% of the total Indonesian territory, the island was home to more than 151 million people in 2020, solidifying its position as the most densely populated island in the world.

Amazingly, in an area of 128,297 square kilometers, Java is home to 56.1%, or more than half, of Indonesia's total population. Data from the World Economic Forum (WEF) also indicates that the population density here has reached a phenomenal figure: 1,015.9 people per square kilometer in 2021.

Moreover, this figure surpasses Russia's population in 2023, which was only 144.1 million. Despite Russia's vast territory of 17,098,242 km², making it the largest country in the world. It is an ironic fact that this tiny island is capable of rivaling and even surpassing the giant nation of Russia in terms of population.

Compared to several neighboring countries in 2020, the population of Java even exceeds the combined population of several surrounding nations, including Brunei (441.7 thousand), Laos (7.3 million), Malaysia (33.2 million), Singapore (5.68 million), Thailand (71.4 million), Timor-Leste (1.3 million), and Australia (25.6 million). Even the combined population of these seven countries is exceeded by the population of Java, which is only 144.92 million.

In addition to being home to millions of people, the island of Java is known for its rich natural resources, cultural diversity, and bustling metropolitan areas. However, the continued growth of the human population has had a detrimental effect on the flora and fauna of the island. Java's endemic species are now on the brink of extinction, with some already declared extinct, such as the Javan tiger and Javan elephant. It is a reminder that harmony between man and nature must be maintained to ensure that the diversity of the island of Java remains integrated with the sustainability of its ecosystem.

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