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How a Javanese King Defeated a Powerful Mongolian Emperor?

Akhyari Hananto2 months ago
The Mongols were a formidable army and they conquored large parts of the Eurasian landmass while defeating a wide variety ...

The Nighttime Image of Java from The Outer Space

Adelaida Salikha9 months ago
Aboard the International Space Station, astronauts observe the Earth in all her beauty including this this nighttime image of Java, Indonesia’s largest island. ...

'World's Ugliest Pig' Spotted in Indonesia's Most Populated Island

Akhyari Hanantoone year ago
Rare images of the "world's ugliest pig" have been captured in Indonesia, offering a window into a little-known species believed to ...

I’m in Jakarta, Where do I Go Next?

Many people arrive in Jakarta without a clear plan of where they will go in Java. But with a bit of research, you can plan ...

"Floating" on Water, New Airport for Indonesia's 5th Largest City

Akhyari Hananto3 years ago
The expansion of Semarang's Ahmad Yani Airport is currently being accelerated to meet its' operational target - which is set at the last quarter ...

Stunning Wooden Radio from Central Java

Akhyari Hananto3 years ago
Magno comes from the word “magnify.” Like a magnifying glass, the Magno wooden radio draws attention to beautiful details and high quality craftsmanship in ...