Breaking Creativity Boundaries and Inspiring Action Through TEDxITB 7.0: The Impact Originator Hub

Breaking Creativity Boundaries and Inspiring Action Through TEDxITB 7.0: The Impact Originator Hub

written by Irene Pamora Sondang Aritonang and Raiya Nadithannia

On March 9, 2024, Cornerstone Auditorium Bandung became a place where new ideas were born through a series of events called TEDxITB 7.0: "The Impact Originator Hub". Entering its seventh generation, TEDxITB once again succeeded in creating a stage for thinkers, innovators and change-makers through a talk show called TED Talks and a discussion forum called Originators Lounge.

Through TED Talks, TEDxITB provides a space for creative thinkers and innovators to share their thoughts. Six inspiring individuals from different backgrounds were present as speakers, including Chen Kang Tan, Andi Taufan, Rafa Jafar, Veronika Krasnasari, Jessica Anastasia, and Stefania Carla. Some of the topics discussed in the TEDxITB 7.0 event were related to energy efficiency, sustainability, digital business, self-development and the issue of fast fashion.

The first topic presented was about life. Some of us must be curious about what life means. Through this session, Jessica Anastasia shared her experience of pushing the potential within. "Keep following your curiosity. Like me, always asking how it feels to be standing here," said Jessica Tjoeng, one of the student speakers at TEDxITB 7.0.

The TED Talks, which featured six speakers with different topics, lasted for three hours. By the end of the event, the last topic addressed was the impact of fast fashion on the environment. In the final TED Talk session, Veronika Krasnasari, Asia's Next Top Model, discussed the issue of fast fashion being one of the biggest contributors to waste in the world. On this occasion, Veronika said, "If we love fashion, we should wear the clothes we have for a long time instead of changing styles according to the latest trends". She also invited the younger generation to start changing their perspective that being fashionable does not require hundreds of clothes piled up in the closet. By embracing minimalist fashion, we help reduce waste and support environmental sustainability.

In addition to the inspirational talk show session, the TEDxITB 7.0 event also directly involved 100 participants in a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) called the Originators Lounge. Through this discussion platform, participants were allowed to interact, share ideas, and collaborate to bring about global change through various case studies.

Hopefully, the series of events at TEDxITB 7.0: "The Impact Originator Hub" will not be just another talk show, but a space to drive change on global issues.

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