Connect Ideas and Create Collaborations at Originators Lounge TEDxITB 7.0

Connect Ideas and Create Collaborations at Originators Lounge TEDxITB 7.0

Written by Failashuffah Azizah

For the seventh year, TEDxITB is presenting an exciting new experience. With the theme "The Impact Originators Hub", TEDxITB 7.0 has become a hub where ideas meet action and individuals gather to learn, share and collaborate.

TEDx Talks are a series of independent events organized in the spirit of TED, "Ideas Worth Spreading". The events feature speakers from a variety of fields who share their ideas with the audience. In addition to the TED Talks, TEDxITB 7.0 is pleased to announce a new main event agenda item, the Originators Lounge, a special space where participants can discuss, collaborate and create innovative solutions to global problems. In addition, attendees will be able to meet people with similar interests and goals to create new opportunities to work together and make connections with attendees from different backgrounds.

One of the focuses of this year's Originators Lounge is finding solutions to achieve zero emissions through electric-based transportation. Attendees will be invited to participate in an interesting case study. They will work together in groups to analyze carbon emission problems in the transportation sector and formulate innovative solutions to make green transportation a reality.

As part of the case study, participants will use a fishbone diagram to map the various factors that contribute to carbon emissions in the transportation sector. This will help them identify root causes and formulate comprehensive solutions.

After the case study, participants were asked to present the results of their discussion. Two teams had the opportunity to express their opinions. Both teams used the 5M method of man, material, machine, method, and money to identify zero emission problems.

The goals of the Originators Lounge case study were to raise awareness of the impact of carbon emissions from the transportation sector, encourage participants to think creatively and innovatively to find solutions, allow participants to collaborate and learn from each other, and support the creation of solutions that can be implemented to achieve zero emissions in the transportation sector.

Through this main event, TEDxITB 7.0 hopes that participants will not only be inspired by the speakers, but also use the Originators Lounge as a platform to bring their ideas to life, and seize the opportunity to meet other young innovators, share their passion, establish collaborations, and turn ideas into real actions that have a broader positive impact on society.

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