Malaysia Is Now Home to the Largest Tesla Supercharger Station in Southeast Asia!

Malaysia Is Now Home to the Largest Tesla Supercharger Station in Southeast Asia!
Image by Tesla

The Gamuda Cove area of Selangor is now home to the largest Tesla charging station in Southeast Asia. Through a partnership with Gamuda Land, this project features 6 Superchargers and 18 Destination Chargers, making it the largest Tesla charging station in the region. Launched on March 20, this initiative is part of Tesla's efforts to design and realize a vision of a nature sanctuary and an eco-friendly smart city.

Located in the Discovery Park parking lot at Persiaran Cove Central, Gamuda Cove is accessible 24/7 with no parking fees. Supercharging rates remain standard at RM1.25 per kWh, with an idle charge of RM4 per minute when the Supercharging station is 100% full, as a measure to avoid overcrowding. On the other hand, Tesla owners can use destination chargers for free until further notice.

The Supercharging payment process is automated through the payment method registered in the Tesla app. This app also provides information on station availability, navigation routes to stations, and Supercharger charging status monitoring. Users simply need to "plug in, charge and go" as payments are processed automatically, making charging convenient and hassle-free.

With the addition of Gamuda Cove to the Tesla charging network in Malaysia, there are now seven Supercharging stations with a total of 36 Superchargers, as well as nine Destination Charging locations with a total of 55 chargers.

Tesla has stated its commitment to expanding the charging infrastructure and continuing the expansion of the charging network in Malaysia. They have also announced that more charging stations will be coming online in the coming months.

During the launch event, the company announced five new locations, including Kuantan, Prai in Penang, Putrajaya and two undisclosed locations in Kuala Lumpur. Of these five locations, the first two (Kuantan and Prai) will have Superchargers, along with destination chargers.

Tesla also announced plans to expand the charging network to Singapore to support travel between Malaysia and Singapore. This plan includes a total of 11 Supercharging stations and 9 Destination Charging stations in Singapore.

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