Awaiting the Pontiff: A Historic Visit to Southeast Asia and Oceania

Awaiting the Pontiff: A Historic Visit to Southeast Asia and Oceania
Pope Francis on Papamobile at St. Peter Square | Photo by Ashwin Vaswani | Unsplash

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, known as Pope Francis, is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis was elected during the Papal Conclave (a meeting of the College of Cardinals to elect a Pope) on March 13, 2013. The 226th Pontiff is scheduled to undertake his Apostolic Journey to Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Timor-Leste, and Singapore) and Oceania (Papua New Guinea) from September 2-13, 2024.

Pontifex Francis's visit to these Southeast Asian countries and Papua New Guinea brings joy to the people and the Catholic community in Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Singapore, and Papua New Guinea. Various society segments, including Catholic followers and state leaders, have warmly welcomed his planned visit. Preparations are underway to ensure that Pope Francis's visit proceeds smoothly.

Historically, the Pope's visit to these countries is not unprecedented. Previous Popes have visited Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Singapore, and Papua New Guinea at different times.

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For Indonesia, Pope Francis's visit from September 3-6, 2024, will mark the third visit by a Pope. According to the YouTube channel of the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia, Pope Paul VI was the first Pontiff to visit Indonesia in 1970. His visit aimed to maintain the spirit of peace and enhance interfaith harmony.

Nineteen years later, Indonesia received another visit from Pope John Paul II from October 8-12, 1989. During this visit, Pope John Paul II not only visited Jakarta but also Yogyakarta, Maumere, Medan, and Dili (which was part of Indonesia at that time). Finally, from September 3-6, Pope Francis will visit Indonesia, marking the third Papal visit in the country's history.

For Timor-Leste, Pope Francis's visit to the Land of the Rising Sun (Bumi Loro Sae) will be the second. The first visit was by Pope John Paul II when Timor-Leste was still part of Indonesia. This made Pope John Paul II's visit highly significant for the people of Timor-Leste. Thus, Pope Francis's visit to Timor-Leste from September 9-11 will be the second for the Timorese people and the first since Timor-Leste became an independent nation.

Similarly, Pope Francis's visit to Singapore from September 11-13 will be the second Papal visit to the Lion City. The first visit was by Pope John Paul II on November 20, 1986. During that visit, Pope John Paul II met with the President and Prime Minister of Singapore and led a mass attended by approximately 70,000 Catholics. This visit was part of his Asia-Pacific tour.

In Papua New Guinea, Pope Francis's visit from September 6-9 will be the third Papal visit. The first visit was by Pope John Paul II in 1984, followed by a second visit in 1995. Pope Francis will thus be the second Pontiff to visit Papua New Guinea. As a Christian-majority country, the Pope's visit is a joyous occasion not only for Catholics but for all Christians in Papua New Guinea.

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With a total of 12 days visiting Southeast Asia and Oceania, this journey will be Pope Francis's longest Apostolic Journey. This is particularly significant given his age of 87 years and his health condition. May Pope Francis's visit to Southeast Asia and Oceania be meaningful for many people.

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