Vietnam to require motorcycle emissions testing in 2025

Vietnam to require motorcycle emissions testing in 2025
Credit: Pixabay

Vietnam will require motorcycles to undergo emissions testing starting January 1, 2025, under the new Law on Traffic Order and Safety. This regulation mandates that motorcycles and scooters undergo emissions testing at designated vehicle inspection centers. These tests will be conducted according to the emission standards set forth in environmental protection legislation.

The implementation of this regulation aims to reduce motor vehicle emissions and improve air quality in Vietnam. Motorcycles are the primary mode of transportation in Vietnam, and their emissions significantly contribute to air pollution.

The Minister of Transport will regulate the issuance, renewal, suspension, and revocation of operating certificates for motorcycle and scooter emissions testing centers. Additionally, procedures for emissions inspections and national technical regulations for emissions testing centers and vehicle registration offices will be established.

It is important to note that the new traffic safety law effective January 1, 2025, does not immediately require all motorcycles and scooters in Vietnam to undergo emissions testing. The implementation will follow a government roadmap, with specific timelines, technical standards, and guidelines yet to be determined.

Vietnam has a large motorcycle population, with around 70 million registered units and more than 45 million in active daily use. This makes motorcycles, along with cars, major contributors to CO2 emissions from the transportation sector in the country.

Limited public transportation infrastructure and the high cost of cars compared to average incomes make motorcycles the primary choice for the Vietnamese population, especially in major cities. This has made Vietnam the second-largest new motorcycle market in Southeast Asia after Indonesia and one of the five largest motorcycle markets in the world, according to Motorcycles Data.

Exhaust emissions from motor vehicles, particularly motorcycles and scooters, are a primary focus of the Ministry of Transport as major pollutants in urban areas.

Concerns have arisen because current regulations only focus on controlling emissions from new vehicles, without addressing emissions from vehicles already in use. This could worsen the negative environmental impact if not addressed promptly.

Therefore, the Ministry of Transport is taking strategic steps by implementing emissions testing regulations for motorcycles and scooters. It is hoped that this policy will not only help improve air quality but also create opportunities for the automotive industry to invest in and develop environmentally friendly vehicle technologies that meet high emission standards.

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