Asia's Sinking Cities, 2023

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Climate change, rising sea levels, and floods are expected to have a significant impact in Asia, where millions of people reside in low-lying areas near the sea. A recent report from Greenpeace East Asia examines the risks in seven regional cities, concluding that in these metropolitan areas alone, more than 15 million people could be affected by rising sea levels and floods by 2030.

There are 7 cities in Asia at risk of submersion and experiencing sea-level rise by 2030. Three cities in Southeast Asia are included in the list, with Bangkok being the most affected city. Greenpeace estimates that more than ten million people will be at risk in the capital of Thailand if a half-year flood occurs in 2030.

The risk is also higher in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, where approximately 1.5 million people will be at risk in 2030 during events defined as floods with a 1 in 10 chance of occurring each year in that location.

Similar to Jakarta, excessive groundwater extraction by Manila has caused it to sink by 10 cm each year. The maximum subsidence in Jakarta mentioned in this report reaches 25 cm per year - a figure that earns it the title of the fastest-sinking city in the world. However, the issue is concentrated on the northern coast of Jakarta. In the event of a half-year flood in 2030, only 17 percent of the city is expected to be submerged, according to the report, in contrast to the extensive areas in Bangkok and Manila.

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