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Is Indonesia still the country with the greatest linguistic diversity? Here's the truth!

Dini Yasyi12 months ago
The local language, Javanese, is more interesting, as it can have a variety of dialects. The Javanese language, for example, has numerous dialects. ...

Indonesia ranks #2 on countries with the most languages. Here's the complete list list

Dini Yasyione year ago
According to Ethnologue, a database of known languages, Papua New Guinea is still the most multilingual country on the planet. There are over 820 ...

Richard Graham “ A Friend in Need is A Friend Indeed”

Adli Hazmi5 years ago
In 28th of September a mourning day for Indonesia because of a disaster. Palu was hit by 7.4 Scala Ritcher ...

Confirmed. Indonesian and Malay Language to be Taught in Turkey 5 years ago
The government of Turkey has decided to add the Malay and Indonesian languages to the public school curriculum. Two languages, ...