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13 Jaw-dropping International Borders from Around the World

Akhyari Hananto6 months ago
These 12 photographs show how different people divide the territories between their countries. ...

20 Unbelievable International Borders That People Do Not Know Exist

Adelaida Salikha11 months ago
These interesting fun facts as shown in the YouTube link below as something that people in the region might at least know they exist. ...

International Entry-Exit Checkpoints In Between Myanmar-India Officially Opened

Adelaida Salikha11 months ago
People will now be able to cross the land border between India and Myanmar holding passports and visas and will be able to travel ...

(Photos) Meet The Southeast Asia's Highest Peak

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
First of all how many people thought that Southeast Asia has its own glaciers? ...

The Seven Tallest Statues In The World

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
The second and third largest statue in the world are belong to his region. ...

Interesting Facts about Bagan, The Jewel of Southeast Asia

Akhyari Hananto2 years ago
Bagan, formerly known as 'Pagan' was the capital of the present day Myanmar in the 9th to 13th. It is located in the Mandalay ...

25 Destinations Worth Every Penny

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
It won't be your average trip if you're going for a vacation to these 25 destinations that worthy of your bucket-list. ...

Last Remaining Wilderness: Camera Trap in Burma Captured Rare Wildlife Animals

Thomas Benmetan2 years ago
  A camera trap surveys revealed a wealth of rare wildlife including Elephants, Leopards, Tigers and etc.  Using six camera traps surveys, found at least ...

Tattooed Chin Women, a Remarkable Define of Beauty in Myanmar

Thomas Benmetan2 years ago
Inside the remote Burmese tribe, in the Mountain of Myanmar lives a tribe called Chin where the women have taken a unique approach to ...

This “Sleeping Beauty” Country is Awaken by Technology and Tourism

Thomas Benmetan3 years ago
May Myat Mon Win grew up in Myanmar in the 70s era with the dream of a day when her country could be like ...