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Taiwan Hits Record Tourist Numbers

Taiwan Hits Record Tourist Numbers

Taiwan saw a record 10.69 million tourists last year, up 2.4 percent from 2015, according to The Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics.

Tourists visiting from countries other than China lifted almost 15 percent to 7.18 million. A significant number came from Japan, which saw a 16.5 percent increase in tourists to Taiwan to 1.9 million people, and South Korea, with a 34 percent lift to 880,000 people. Japan and South Korea accounted for 18 percent and 8 percent of all visitors respectively.

Moreover, it appears Taiwan’s relaxation of visa restrictions from other countries, particularly in Southeast Asia, also helped to offset the decline in Chinese tourists. Last year saw double-digit increases in tourists from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia.

Image: REUTERS/Nicky Loh
Image: REUTERS/Nicky Loh

Breakdown of Taiwan's record year for tourism


  • 2016: 10,690,000 total visits to Taiwan
  • 2.4% growth from 2015

From China:

  • Number of tourist from China: 3,510,000
  • Accounts for the most number of tourists; 32.9% of all visitors
  • Compared to 2015, down by 16.1%

From Japan & Korea:

  • Tourists visiting from countries other than China total to 7,180,000 people
  • Represents a 14.8% increase from 2015
  • Japan: Total 1,900,000 visitors; 17.7% of all visitors and a 16.5% increase from 2015
  • South Korea: Total 880,000 visitors; 8.3% of all visitors and a 34.3% increase from 2015

Southeast Asia:

  • Growth in number of visitors compared to 2015
  • Thailand up 57.3%
  • Vietnam up 34.3%
  • The Philippines up 23.9%
  • Malaysia up 10.0%
  • Indonesia up 6.2%

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