World’s Most Wonderful Dances According to Travelers Today

World’s Most Wonderful Dances According to Travelers Today
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Dance is an art form where people can express their joys, sorrows, and anger. It is also a cultural communication among locals and perhaps to their gods who bestowed so many gifts for them. No matter how the movements came to be, it's clear that no one can resist dancing to the rhythms of any countries in the world.


Here are five swings and hits one shouldn't miss.


Hopak or Cossack Dance of Ukraine

Hopak in English translates to "jump." So, expect lots of jumps, spins and astonishing acrobatic feats if you want to see the dancers up close! If you want to try the dance for yourself, save up your energy because you're going to need it. High speed and vigor are what you're going to need when performing the Hopak. You're not going to stop moving until the music ends! If you want to immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture, you have to try the Hopak, their national dance.


Kecak Fire & Trance Dance, Indonesia.

This is not your ordinary fire dance. In fact, the Kecak is one unique art form that can send chills to your spine. Sitting by the fire, storytellers tell the tale of old legends like the Hindu epic of Ramayana. They are joined by music formed only with voices and a group of men sitting in circles swaying, standing or sitting according to how the plot goes.


Irish Step Dance or Riverdance

The traditional Irish dance is characterized by the rapid taps and steps of the feet while the upper body remains still. Little jumps and skips are done throughout the course of the movements as well. Sometimes, people interchange the terms with Riverdance after the theatrical show of the same name. The event has sent the Irish step dance to worldwide acclaim.


Whirling Dervishes or Sufi Dances of Turkey

 What is the highlight of the dance? The whirling, of course! The Sufi dances were meant to be a form of meditation or worship ceremony performed by the Sufis. This reflection dance seeks the performer to be more selfless, god-loving, or abandoning pride to reach happiness. The costumes are often done with a single-colored dress to highlight the skirts when dancers twirl around.


Shaolin Monk Dance, China

They are known for their martial arts skills but pool the techniques out, and it'll definitely form out a dance. For nearly 2,000 years, the monks have been developing their own sets of dances which consist of martial arts, acrobats, and dance movements. It is speedy and strong, yet graceful at the same time.


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