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When Indonesian Cultures Amaze People in Istanbul

Adli Hazmi4 years ago
Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia on June 22, 2019 held an event named “Indonesian Food and Cultural Festival” ...

International Symposium in Selcuk Universitesi : The Good Relations between Turkey and Indonesia

Adli Hazmi4 years ago
Turkey and Indonesia have good diplomatic relations until today. If we look at the media, there are many Indonesian praising ...

Turkish National News Agency Plans to Broadcast in Bahasa Indonesia

Thomas Benmetan6 years ago
The Turkish national news agency Anadolu Ajansi (AA) plans to expand its international network by launching an Indonesian news program by the end of ...

World’s Most Wonderful Dances According to Travelers Today

Thomas Benmetan6 years ago
Dance is an art form where people can express their joys, sorrows, and anger. It is also a cultural communication among locals and perhaps ...