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13 Things You Will Miss After Visiting Bali

13 Things You Will Miss After Visiting Bali

If you’ve been to Bali, you know it is a place to remember. The welcoming people; beyond beautiful beaches; the out-of-this world ambience.

Here are 13 amazing memories anyone will miss after visiting Bali. Have not been to Bali? This list might convince you to give it a go.

1. There is no sunset like the one in Bali. Nothing compares to watching the sun set over the coast and the sky turn from blue to red and then on to purple and pink.

2. You left your heart in Gili Islands. Gili Islands are a vision of paradise: the serenity of islands, white-sand beaches, and coconut palms. Plus, no motorbikes!


Gili T loves swingers #Topdecker

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3. Even the views from the boat to get there are amazing. It is like you’re sailing through actual paradise and you can’t wait for a palm-shaded languor.

4. You tried to make Nasi Goreng at home, but it couldn’t get it to taste authentic. Seriously, what makes Indonesian Nasi Goreng so good?

5. Bali is HOT. Which you can feel 24/7.

6. The Monkey Forest in Ubud, where you feel both terrified and fascinated.


Aapjes kijken #monkeyforest #ubud #bali #telief

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7. Even your phone camera misses those most Intagrammable places in Bali. Your throwback Thursday are made up solely of those memories.

8. Your amazement for the friendliest people on earth, Indonesians. Everyone says hello to each other and waves at strangers

9. You made friends with loads of Australians, who you met on daily basis and were probably the most chilled out people you’ll ever meet.


Nothing like a coconut in the morning😍

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10. You wish to remodel your house to be like those amazing accommodation in Bali. Can we talk about outside showers/pools with a view/tropical bars?

11. Even you miss those tropical storms. When it rained in Bali, you really did not want to be lounging on a surfboard in the sea.

12. You wish you shop more in Ubud’s local market. So you can hold on to those pieces of paradise as much as you can, including yoga pants and crochet tops.

13. Tbh, you consider quitting your normal life and going back to Bali on a daily basis. Forever in our hearts, Bali.

Source : Lonely Planet | Cosmopolitan


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