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5 Least-expensive Countries to Visit in 2017

5 Least-expensive Countries to Visit in 2017

Plenty of nomads see the world without breaking the bank, whether by backpacking or travel hacking or simply choosing inexpensive destinations. This year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report recently named the cheapest countries to visit in 2017.

The report, which is published every two years, measures the relative health of 136 leading countries’ tourism sectors using a variety of sub-indexes, including safety and security, natural resources, cultural resources, health and hygiene, soundness of infrastructure, and price competitiveness.

“The resulting Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report provides a platform for multistakeholder dialogue with the objective of achieving a strong and sustainable Travel and Tourism industry capable of contributing effectively to international economic development," as stated on the report.

The highest ranking countries in the price competitiveness category are the best destinations for tourists who want to travel on a budget without the trials and tribulations of “budget travel.”

Captivating scenes across the country and diverse cultures that amaze visitors are among the main reasons tourists are being drawn to these places, while cheap prices are also a big plus.

The report also forest that other Asian markets like China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam will be among the top 10 fastest growing destinations for leisure travel in the next decade.

Here are the five cheapest places to visit in the world:

1. Iran

Image: Business Insider
Iran. Image: Business Insider

2. Egypt

Image: PBS
Pyramids in Egypt. Image: PBS

3. Malaysia

Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia. Image: Gadventures
Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia. Image: Gadventures

4. Algeria

Image: Quora
Algiers, Algeria. Image: Quora

5. Indonesia

Mount Bromo, Indonesia. Image: Remote Lands
Mount Bromo, Indonesia. Image: Remote Lands


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