RANKED: Countries with Most Digitally Savvy Travelers

RANKED: Countries with Most Digitally Savvy Travelers

India has been crowned the champion in a new list that ranks the country with the most digitally advanced travelers.

In a global survey by travel commerce platform Travelport which polled 11,000 respondents around the world, Indian travelers emerged the most digitally-savvy after analysts looked at the use of digital technologies for travel-related purposes in each country.

The standings are based on a combination of the main indicators of digital usage for travel-related purposes by travelers in each country. For example, those from India typically use smartphones for booking and boarding a plane, with 82% saying digital boarding passes makes traveling easier, compared to a global average of 70%.

After India, China and Indonesia round out the podium.

The countries in The Digital Traveler Rankings 2017 are ranked as follows:

1. India
2. China
4. Brazil
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Mexico
7. South Africa
8. United Arab Emirates
9. Colombia
10. Italy

Gordon Wilson, President and CEO of Travelport, commented “These findings demonstrate the significance of digital tools for travelers before and during their journeys.

"They highlight the need for the $7.6 trillion global travel and hospitality industry to adapt continually to provide responsive, relevant and timely services for customers.

"Whether young or old, and in whichever continent, providing relevant and timely digital tools and content is no longer an accessory but an essential means of reaching and satisfying the modern traveler from the moment they search to the moment they return from their trip."

Source:, The Travelport Official Website

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