Indonesian President and Tony Fernandes Discuss Air Asia's Big Plan for the Archipelago?

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 Indonesian President and Tony Fernandes Discuss Air Asia's Big Plan for the Archipelago?

The recent Instagram post by AirAsia Group CEO on his well-spent evening at the Indonesian President Jokowi Widodo’s palace in Bogor really sparked the high interests among netizens.

The airline tycoon’s visit seems to leave a ‘big hint’ on his next plans for Indonesia. Be it big or small, any expansion business plans are presumably to foster more mutual benefits to both parties, Indonesia and AirAsia.

In his Facebook post, Tony elaborated well on the ‘big hint’

“A great day with a great man in a great palace. Met President Jokowi. When he came to power he wanted to develop tourism. Now we are Number 1 airline for bringing in Tourists in Indonesia.

We discussed plans for the next 4 years. How to really grow it to another level. Lots of great ideas. Never thought a little 2 plane operation could help drive a national agenda. He simple humble can do attitude is a joy to see. And he has an amazing palace In Bogor.”

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The meeting Tony had with President Jokowi, alongside with AirAsia Indonesia CEO Dendy Kurniawan proves what Tony had announced earlier in November last year, during “AirAsia Loves Asean’ initiatives launched in conjunction with ASEAN’s Golden Jubilee celebrated in Manila, Philippines.

“I am impressed with President Jokowi. He’s an extraordinary leader. He’s focusing on developing tourism activities in his land, as well as taking care of its infrastructure,” he revealed.


Right before Tony’s visit to Bogor, it was reported in Jakarta that AirAsia Philippines began direct service between the Philippines and Indonesia with an inaugural flight on January 9 from Manila to Jakarta.

The airline added the Indonesian capital to the over 20 locations it serves.

While the direct Manila-to-Jakarta flight is a boon for Filipino and Indonesian tourism, what with Indonesians consistently among the top 20 visitor arrivals of the country, AirAsia Philippines expects the new route will prove helpful to entrepreneurs and startup founders who benefit from the linking of two business hubs.

Source: Out of Town Blog
Source: Out of Town Blog

Thus, can we expect more from the Bogor’s meeting?

Keep the guessing game on, Seasians!

Source :, The Star Online and AirAsia Official Website

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