World's Creative Top 10 Countries

World's Creative Top 10 Countries

The Gunn 100 is an annual ranking of the world’s most creative advertising and marketing campaigns, and the companies that created them. It is produced by Gunn Report, now part of WARC.

According to this report, Thailand is continuing to demonstrate its creativity while China is still struggling to match its market size with innovative work, Warc’s annual Gunn 100 report has found.

2018 Rank 2017 Rank Country Points
1 1 USA 8669.62
2 2 UK 3277.19
3 3 Australia 2710.69
4 11 Germany 2089.30
5 7 France 1978.64
6 4 Brazil 1637.00
7 9 Japan 1623.41
8 5 Argentina 1152.28
9 14 THAILAND 1045.73
10 16 Canada 1033.27


While only the 25th largest advertising market in the world, Thailand was the ninth most creative according to a study of the top 100 campaigns of 2017. It was the first time Thailand has broken into the top 10 since 2008.

China, meanwhile, was the second largest market in 2017 but could only manage 17th in terms of creativity with Japan the 7th most creative – up from 9th last year – and 3rd largest.

The report studied the best 100 campaigns of 2017 based on their performance at 40 award shows across the world.

The report said other nations which have “struggled to make a sustained impact creatively” are South Korea and Indonesia which are the 11th and 15th largest markets but only 28th and 49th respectively in the creative league.

Singapore came in 16th, up from 23rd last year, Hong Kong 23rd, Philippines 25th and Malaysia 41st.

The US, UK and Australia were the most creative with Germany and France completing the top five.

Also, listed within the 2018 Top World's Campaign was this Thailand brand named AP (Thailand) Property Development which had won the 13th place.

Here's the campaign they produced:

Basing their innovation on the insight that a football pitch doesn’t necessarily have to be rectangular, AP Property Development used vacant, abandoned plots in the heavily populated district of Khlong Toei in Bangkok to create a unique space for kids from the local community to play sports.

The Unusual Football Field Project is exactly that, utilising the limited open spaces in a built-up environment for a powerful regeneration design. The campaign was shared in publications from 174 countries and gained $1.5 million worth of free media coverage.

Congratulations Thailand for making us proud! Keep it up!

Source : GUNN 100 Official Report

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