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Daily Digital Habits of Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims During Ramadhan

Daily Digital Habits of Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims During Ramadhan

In this spiritual month of Ramadan , it is essential for brands to ensure they can continue connecting with their Muslim consumers. As such, knowing their consumers’ daily habits is essential in understanding how to.

According to Google, brands which are successful during Ramadan are respectful and use contextual messaging, in-tune with Ramadan observer’s needs at particular moments throughout the day and month. This can extend to help in Idul Fitri celebrations, buka puasa (breakfasting) planning, and distractions from hunger pangs.

During the mornings from 3am to 8am when Muslim consumers rise for sahur (pre-dawn meal), top searches are for prayer times. This is followed by topics such as food recipes, Idul Fitri clothing and online shopping across both Indonesia and Malaysia.

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In Indonesia, searches for prayer times remain consistent, while Indonesian Muslims start watching videos on YouTube as early as 3am. Videos on beauty tips will see a 37% rise while videos on hijab tutorials will see a 117% increase.

In Malaysia, search for prayer times is three times more in the month of Ramadan as opposed to other months during sahur. Malaysian Muslim consumers will also begin to watch videos as early as 4am. Videos on beauty tips will see a  200% rise in views compared to other months while hijab tutorials increase 500%.

11am to 3pm

During the time period of 11am to 3pm, Google data says that daily search activity for fashion and online shopping increases by 20% when compared to other months in Malaysia. Searches for recipes and food tutorials spike as Muslims look for buka puasa ideas peaks at 3pm, up 1.6 times during Ramadan months as opposed regular months.

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Meanwhile in Indonesia, online shopping peaks as consumers look for seasonal promotions. Top searched promotions include online retail, ride-hailing and flight tickets. Searches for recipes and food tutorials peaks at 12pm, with a 2.7 times uplift in Ramadan compared to other months.

4pm to 8pm

Indonesia Muslim consumers are also more likely to distract themselves from hunger pangs leading up to buka puasa through activities and ngabuburit content. Ngabuburit is a Ramadan-specific cultural phenomenon in Indonesia.

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From 4pm to 8pm, searches for Ramadan bazaars in Malaysia peaks at 5pm. Food delivery searches across both markets are also lower than average to risk having their meals delivered late by the time of breaking fast.

8pm to 11pm

During this time period, Muslims across both markets continue to engage with religious content. In Indonesia, searches for Islamic content spike in the evening. Meanwhile, top searched topics across both Indonesia and Malaysia include religious songs and sermons. YouTube watch time increases again as Muslim consumers engage with entertainment content online.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

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