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Where in Southeast Asia Could Be Ideal Destinations for the Workaholics?

Where in Southeast Asia Could Be Ideal Destinations for the Workaholics?

There are people who bring the party with them anywhere they go. And there are people who bring their work, too.

Everything is portable these days. Phones fit in our pockets, computers in our bags, files in tiny microchips that take up no room at all. We can pick up anything, pack anything, and travel with anything to any part of the world.

Even in our work.

This “portable” age has made it possible for us to stick our own careers into our pockets. We’re now in a world where you can work anywhere, at any time, at your own leisure, whether you are just avoiding the morning commute or skipping the city altogether. The working man as digital nomad.

Or, you know, just a workaholic, really. A workaholic who knows he needs a vacation badly but can't abandon work altogether.

If the above especially resonates, there's a special place in the world for you. In fact, ABS-CBN news online portal can think of seven.

Seven destinations where you can happily beat the deadlines while a daiquiri is on your side and the ocean awaits just in front. With excellent wi-fi access all around, of course.


Source: Bali
Source: Bali

This little sliver of beach on the island of Bali, Indonesia is a hotspot for digital nomads, their work tucked away in their backpacks as they soak in the sun.

It’s a Bohemian beach town, with cafes and bars right up against the shore. Canggu Beach is where you can find the Dojo Bali, a two-storey open space a couple of blocks from the beach. Its business-grade WiFi and relaxed vibe are assurances that you’ll have a relaxed and productive time. It’s a bit of a quiet destination too, not as crowded as the other resort towns of Bali

The Nest, Playa del Carmen, Mexico


The resort town of Playa del Carmen is widely recognized among the international digital nomad community as a great place to work. Comfortable cooperative open spaces like Nest Coworking are available for roaming nomads, with all the fixings that a mobile worker would need, such as WiFi and a noticeboard for events.

Book here and you can expect sunny days spent exploring the reefs and sandy stretches of the Yucatan with a coconut in hand, the perfect way to unwind when the stress from your digital work starts getting to you.

If you’ve hunkered down in the Nest for an extended period of time, you’ll probably be able to catch the occasional workshop or two to boost the successes of your own remote work.


Source: School Trips Asia
Source: School Trips Asia

This cultural alcove to the North of Thailand is often touted as the top destination in the world for remote workers and digital nomads. Chalk it up to a relaxing atmosphere – Chiang Mai, a mountainous and well-forested province, boasts temperatures far colder than most of Southeast Asia and a city life that is both quiet and cultured.

The digital nomads that have set up shop in Chiang Mai swear by the coffee shops and healthy eateries that dot the city, most of which are cheap compared to the other sites on this list, making it the perfect place to readjust your system in order to get some good work done.


Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

A trend among digital nomad destinations is the need for distraction, and the city of Bangkok has distraction in spades.

The Bangkok Train System’s Siam Station is the beating heart of the metropolis, and everything from the stores of Chatuchak to the famous floating markets are accessible from here. Check in at the Been Hostel near the station if you need like-minded foreigners to work alongside with.

Internet in Bangkok is omnipresent like the most metropolitan cities of Asia, perfect for the digital traveler. If you ever find yourself in a spot of trouble, Bangkok’s large expat community will be there to take care of you.  

Hong Kong

Source: Arcadis
Source: Arcadis

This modern metropolis and hub of super connectivity is great for the digital nomad that needs constant access to the net.

Hong Kong’s internet is among the fastest in the world, and its high-rise hotels offer stunning views of the metropolis between those Skype sessions with your boss.

Whenever you start feeling cooped up, it’s easy to hit the streets for some market shopping, and the city is rife with bars and clubs for a good old Hong Kong night out. There’s a thriving digital nomad community here as well, so you’re bound to run into others just like you as you all eke out a good time in sparkling Hong Kong.

 Stare Mesto, Prague, Czech Republic

Source: VideoBlocks
Source: VideoBlocks

If so nomadic a digital nomad you are that you can’t even work in your own room, then make your way over to Stare Mesto in Prague.

The Old Town, as it’s known in English, is rife with cafes and restaurants for you to set up shop in, and fantastic WiFi connection all throughout Prague will let you stay constantly connected no matter where you end up.

There are countless cultural distractions as well, between bike tours and beer tours and the countless historical buildings scattered throughout the area, if ever you’re feeling cooped up from your work and are in need of intellectual stimulation.

La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain

Source: Dissolve
Source: Dissolve

The temperate climate that envelops the port city of Barcelona is perfect for the digital nomad looking to get a little outside work done, especially around the sun-baked lanes of La Rambla.

Café terraces line the road, safe havens for laptop-toting workers, while all along the central island mimes and traders and buskers of all sorts ply their trade, perfect for an afternoon respite of casual flaneuring.

There’s a big digital nomad community in Barcelona as well, so if you’re looking for like-minded souls, you can most probably meet them here. If you’re in need of a break between all the work you’ve got to do, close your laptop and go for a nice, sunny walk down La Rambla.

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