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These are the Most On-time Airlines in Asia-Pacific (October 2018)

These are the Most On-time Airlines in Asia-Pacific (October 2018)

Indonesians may want to appreciate its flag carrier for being major airline in Asia Pacific to get passengers to their destinations on time. Yeah, it's the 5-star airline Garuda Indonesia.

A new report (October 2018) from aviation analysts OAG shows that Garuda Indonesia leads the pack of Asia Pacific major airlines (airlines with 10,000 flights and above) as Asia Pacific's fifth most punctual airline, with 90.4 per cent of flights arriving on time. In its monhtly On-time Performance (OTP) report, OAG highlighted the airlines and airports, both large and small, doing the most to keep your holiday on schedule.

On-time performance (OTP) can play a significant role in determining whether passengers are more or less likely to book flights with an airline, so knowing which of the carriers are best able to stick to schedule can be highly useful for travellers concerned with tight timetables.

Every month, OAG releases a Monthly OTP , detailing the most on-time airlines from around the world. The company defines OTP as a flight that departs or arrives within 14 minutes and 59 seconds of its scheduled departure/arrival time, and includes cancelled flights in its figures. In order for airlines to be included, data for at least 80 per cent of their scheduled flights needs to be available.

Seasia has gathered airlines with 10,000 flights and above and ranked them based on their OTP for October 2018.

So what are the best airlines in Asia-Pacific for on-time performance? Here we go:

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Source : OAG Monthly OTP (Oct 2018)


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