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This Airline Will Take You to Places Not Served by other airlines

This Airline Will Take You to Places Not Served by other airlines

Philippine aviation company Air Juan announced direct daily seaplane service from Manila to the country’s top tourist destinations such as Boracay, Coron, Puerto Galera and Subic. Taking off from its dock at the Manila Harbour, the airline operates a fleet of new nine-seater Cessna Caravan Amphibian that can land and take-off from airports and from the water.

“This direct daily service allows travelers to reach their resorts much faster, which means they can spend more time enjoying the destination and less on the road,” said Tina Di Cicco, Chief Marketing Officer. “Currently, getting to these destinations from Manila means either a long drive through traffic or a combination of sea and land transportation. With our direct daily service, travel time to these destinations is cut by as much as six hours.”

Boracay and Palawan, voted as two of the world’s best island destinations by readers of international travel magazines, Conde Nast and Leisure+Travel, can take the better part of a day to reach with traditional combination of commercial flights and long boat and land transfers.

 Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX - Air Juan - JetPhotos
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX - Air Juan - JetPhotos

Air Juan’s seaplane service lands directly at most resorts in Coron, Palawan, with point to point service to popular destinations such as Two Seasons Coron, Busuanga Bay Lodge, Huma Island and El Rio y Mar; and at Diniwid Beach Resort in Boracay.  Air Juan seaplane passengers can also skip the long queues and waiting time at airports. Air Juan’s dock-side check-in means that passengers need to only arrive 30 minutes before scheduled takeoff.

Puerto Galera, known as one of the world’s best bays, is now a mere 30 minutes away on a seaplane; and Subic, a business and meeting destination north of Manila is also a short 20-minute flight from Manila on Air Juan seaplanes.  Fares on the Subic route start at R4,500 per person per way; while flights direct to Boracay start at R12,000 per person one way.

In addition to the direct daily service, Air Juan offers private charter flights on its seaplanes, propeller planes and helicopters to most island destinations in the country.

Founded in 2012, Air Juan aims to provide seamless access to business and leisure destinations by air. With its fleet of all new seaplanes, propeller planes and helicopters, the airline flies to areas not served by other commercial airlines due to short runways or absence of airports. Air Juan has played a role in developing tourism by providing access to the countryside and to some of the Philippines’ best resorts.

“Our service helps reduce travel time, and the time spent by passengers at airport.  We hope to support government efforts to decrease congestion at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and to create a pleasant flying and tourism experience in the country,’’ Di Cicco said.

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