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7 World's Best Diving Sites in Southeast Asia

Dini Yasyi10 months ago
Southeast Asia has the best spot diving sites for everyone. Not only for experts but also for the beginner diver. Check the list! ...

This Airline Will Take You to Places Not Served by other airlines 5 years ago
Philippine aviation company Air Juan announced direct daily seaplane service from Manila to the country’s top tourist destinations such as ...

13 World's Bluest Water Spots You May Want to Witness Yourself

Adelaida Salikha5 years ago
Just staring off into these tranquil blue sea. ...

Best Islands In Southeast Asia 2017

Adelaida Salikha6 years ago
For a second year running, Boracay has been crowned the best island in the world. This tear other Philippine islands, namely Cebu and Palawan, ...

This Island is again ‘Best Island in the World’ 6 years ago
The island of Palawan has been named the Best Island in the World by US magazine, Travel + Leisure for ...