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A Unique Taste that Fits Indonesian Tongue

A Unique Taste that Fits Indonesian Tongue

Wine is a type of beverage that is popular among European people. Each region generally produces wines with different flavors. Wine from Italy, France and Spain, for example, can be distinguished between sour, bitter, or sweet. This is due to the characteristics of wine depending on the plantation area producing each grape variety.

One of the characteristics of red wine that is most favored by people in continental Europe is that which has an acidic, strong, and higher alcoholic taste.

While in Indonesia, although wine consumption has not been as popular as in the European continent, number of wine drinker has been growing especially in big cities and tourist hotspots.

According to Bambang Trimoyo, an Indonesian wine expert as quoted by, Indonesians tend to prefer sweet wine over sour flavors the Europeans like. This sweet taste is preferred as it is very familiar with Indonesian tongue. In tropical weather like Indonesia, the sweet sensation is more easily absorbed, furthermore it can be easily combined with Indonesian specialties.


Take Bellisimo for example. As a new comer, Bellisimo wine has successfully found sizeable number of fans in Indonesia and is fast becoming the wine of choice among Indonesian locals and tourists due to its outstanding taste and affordable prices. Mind you, Bellisimo uses the best grapes from their boutique vineyard in Western Australia before carefully transporting them to North Bali in Indonesia, where the wine is produced. 

Using a natural process, no additives or preservatives are added and the team at bellisimo go to huge trouble to ensure when they reach the winery in Singaraja, the grape juice is in perfect condition, as if freshly pressed. Combination of best grapes and local processing produces a standout wines that fits to be combined with Indonesian oily cuisine that uses a lot of spices.

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