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This Southeast Asian Climbing Route Among World's Best!
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This Southeast Asian Climbing Route Among World's Best!

And among them is Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu.

Located in Sabah, the 4,095 meter mountain is among the highest in Southeast Asia. According to Lonely Planet, it also has among the best hiking trails too.

Source: Lonely Planet
Source: Lonely Planet

In its recently released guide book, Epic Hikes of the World, 200 travel writers covered all of the 50 routes in various countries and wrote their experiences down.

"Incorporating tangled jungle, granite ridges and barren plateaux, traversing Borneo's highest and holiest mountain is a task that requires nerves - and legs - of steel," one of the descriptions for the hike reads.

Yet, thousands throng the mountain to catch breathtaking sunsets. It takes approximately two days to hike up and down.

Source: Mashable Asia
Source: Mashable Asia
Source: Von Holzen
Source: Von Holzen

Among the other hiking trails included in the list are the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan, the Markha Valley in India, the Gubeikou to Jinshanling on the Great Wall of China, the 14 peaks of Snowdonia in Wales, Routeburn Track in New Zealand, and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

That's quite an honour for Malaysia and Southeast Asia too!

Source : Mashable SE Asia


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