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The Best Beaches to Surf in Southeast Asia:  Here is The List for The New Beginners!

The Best Beaches to Surf in Southeast Asia: Here is The List for The New Beginners!

Surfing is often considered a recreational sport rather than a competitive sport. It is partially true, but surfing is also a popular competitive sport for those who love extreme outdoor activities. They called it “riding the waves” which is very cool and extreme. Surfing has been in Olympic competition since 1920 and has been ever since.

Nowadays, surfing is the most favorite water sports. Those who love this sport seeks the best beaches with the best waves to ride on. Even if someone does not surf, to begin with, they will at least would like to try. Southeast Asia is well known for the best surf break for all kinds of surfers, from professionals to beginners. Southeast Asia offers you the best beaches for beginners. Here are the best surf breaks in Southeast Asia the Barneys should try.

Kuta Beach, Indonesia

GHM Journeys
Source: GHM Journeys

There is no better place to surf in Asia, especially for the new beginner surfers, than Kuta Beach. Although it is well-known for overcrowded with resorts and cafes, Kuta Beach offers various surfing schools, all with English speaking guides. With all year waves coming through –new beginners or even professionals do not have to wait for a certain season to ride the waves.

Kata Beach, Thailand


It comes as a surprise for foreigners to consider Thailand has a surf break. Kata Beach is located in Phuket, and its location makes the waves that coming through are blocked by Sumatra Island from the Indian Ocean. The best waves are expected to come between April and October, although it is usually a busy time for tourism around November to February.

Bai Dai Beach, Vietnam

Source: Trip Advisor
Source: Trip Advisor

If you are a new beginner looking for a good beach to surf in Vietnam, Bai Dai Beach is good to consider. The waves are expected to come between October and April. The beach itself is located on Phu Quoc Island, and you can reach the island with a ferry from Ha Tien or Rach Gia.

Cherating, Malaysia

Source: Cheratingpoint Surf School
Source: Cheratingpoint Surf School

Another surprising country for surfing on the list is Malaysia. Cherating is located 30 kilometers north of Kuantan. The famous school for new beginner surfers is Cherating Surf School. The school offers lessons and accommodation for the surfers to enjoy the full experience in Cherating. Although the school is only open during October and April, the waves are available all year round.

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