Spacesuit Lunar Toilet the Important Invention for Astronauts Designed by Zysons

Spacesuit Lunar Toilet the Important Invention for Astronauts Designed by Zysons

Young Inventor from Malaysia won outstanding achievement in NASA competition. Nearly 900 competitors worldwide have joined the Lunar Loo Challenge held by NASA. In association with the next lunar flight in 2024. Participants are encouraged to build a toilet for astronauts that applicable on the moon. This competition winner is a 9-year-old inventor from Malaysia at NASA to design a space toilet competition.

In their Website, NASA says that they already have and use space toilet at the International Space Station, but unfortunately, they are designed only for microgravity.

NASA Lunar Loo challenge is also Human Landing Technology Program that aimed to look for a next-generation computer that is more volatile, more powerful and able to be used in microgravity and lunar gravity. 

The invention of the “Spacesuit Lunar WC” by Zyson Kang Zy Shun overwhelmed the judges. His innovation makes him receive first place in the junior category. He can defeat 897 participants from 85 countries.

Zyson Kang Zy Shun /
Zyson Kang Zy Shun / 


The Zyson concept, which can seamlessly fit into the astronaut spacesuit, this toilet did not require electricity, batteries or any other power supply, but only mechanical kinetic energy. He wants to make his invention as simple as possible.

He explains that to generate a vacuum suction capacity to crystallize urine and faeces for safe disposal, it operates using manual mechanical kinetic concepts. The design does not require any power supply. To use this toilet astronaut only need to move their legs to get the urine flow into the container installed on the spacesuit boots. Since it does not use any power supply, it can minimize the potential for spatial damage.

Zyson and his spacesuit toilet designe /
Zyson and his spacesuit toilet design /


When three elementary school students presented their invention in the webinar to the NASA team on October 28, Zysons presentation gains many positive comments from the judges.

Chong Soo Sheong from the Kuala Lumpur I-Discovery International Science Center is Zyson coach he said Zyson did not get his space toilet design overnight.

Chong also said that Zyson focuses on developing his concepts for a month. There is a lot of learning before the final design submitted.

There are still many ups and downs, tests and mistakes and curves to overcome from Zyson invention. But Chong feels very proud that his student can compete and wining international competition.

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