Joe and Jill Biden's Bittersweet Love History

Joe and Jill Biden's Bittersweet Love History

Joe Biden was elected to be the 46th President of the United States. Joe will live in the White House with his wife Jill Biden for the next four years. Before stepping into the White House, Joe and Jill have a love story that has gone through the bitterness and sweetness of life for more than 39 years together.

Naomi and Neilia Biden, Source :
Naomi and Neilia Biden, Source :

Before living with Jill, Joe experienced deep sorrow. Joe lost his first wife Neilia Biden and their son, Naomi who was 1 year old. Neilia and Naomi died in an accident in 1972.

"Six weeks after I was elected (as a Delaware senator), my world changed forever. I got a call that my wife and daughter died. And they are not sure about the condition of my two sons," said Joe, quoted by Vogue.

Young Joe and Jill Biden, Source:
Young Joe and Jill Biden, Source:

Three years later, Joe was introduced to Jill Jacob who is also a senator. Jill was married before.

"He's nine years older than me. We watched A Man and a Woman in a movie theater in Philadelphia, and we really got along. When we got home, he took my hand. I immediately called my mother and said, 'Mom, I've finally found someone,'" said Jill.

However, to get Jill's love, Joe must try hard. He proposed up to five times before finally being accepted by Jill.

"I said not yet. Because at that time, I had fallen in love with Joe's children and felt this marriage had to go on. Because they had lost their mother and I didn't want to make them lose one more. So I have to be 100 percent sure," he said.

Joe and Jill finally married on June 17, 1977, in New York. About 40 family members and close friends attended the wedding ceremony for Joe and Jill. Joe's sons Beau and Hunter stood beside Joe and Jill at the altar.

From their marriage, Joe and Jill gave birth to a daughter who was named Ashley Blazer Biden in 1981.

Since then Joe and Jill have always walked together to this day. Jill faithfully accompanied Joe every step of the way, including when accompanying Joe to become US vice president during the administration of President Barack Obama.

Jill also remained loyal to Joe when their son Beau Biden, the former Delaware Attorney General, died after battling brain cancer for several years. Beau died while Biden was the US Vice President.

Source : CNN Indonesia

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