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Indonesia, The Biggest Country to Donate Biggest Cased Infected from Southeast Asia during Covid-19 Worldwide
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Indonesia, The Biggest Country to Donate Biggest Cased Infected from Southeast Asia during Covid-19 Worldwide

March 2, 2020, the government for the first time confirmed the first Covid-19 case in Indonesia. As of Friday (20/11/2020), the number of confirmed cases was 483,518 cases. Every day, the numbers are still growing.

Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia as a contributor to the continued increase in cases of corona infection in the world, and is the 21st largest contributor worldwide, according to that update the meters everyday day and every hour.

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According to experts, Indonesia is one of the countries that is prone to the spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19.

This was said by the University of Indonesia (UI) epidemiologist Pandu Riono. Pandu said that Indonesia could be a country that is prone to the spread of the virus due to various factors.

That is, this is not without cause. Pandu said that Indonesia could be a country that is prone to spreading the virus because it is caused by various factors driving the transmission. That is, this is not without cause.

The driving factors for the transmission of Covid-19 in Indonesia The driving factors for transmission can be seen from the various indicators used in calculating the following transmission risk:

- Indonesia's population of around 268 million people - based on 2020 data - becomes more vulnerable to the spread of the virus.

- Meanwhile, the 2017 National Socio-Economic Survey (Susenas) data shows that the population living in urban areas (urban) reaches 52.9 percent. As is known, densely populated urban areas have a large number of Covid-19 cases.

 - Likewise, the population living in houses with a floor area of ​​less than 8 square meters per capita is around 14.8 percent. (Susenas 2017).

- The incidence rate or exposure to pneumonia based on BPJS 2016 data, reaches 1.3 per 1000. Pneumonia or respiratory tract disorders, before the emergence of the Corona SARS-CoV-2 virus as the cause of Covid-19, many have occurred due to transportation fume exhaust pollution, cigarette smoke, and so on.

- The population who traveled or left home for various activities last year reached 28.2 percent.

- The population with improper handwashing practices based on 2018 basic health research data (risked) reached 50.2 percent. Pandu said, from the various indications above, it makes the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia easier and faster.

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The Southeast Asian country with the largest contributor to positive corona cases Indonesia is followed by the Philippines which is in 26th position with a total of 415,067 cases as of today based on the World Odo Meter. Myanmar is followed by the 72nd position with positive cases currently reaching 74,882 cases. The rankings of the three countries in the Southeast Asia region can go up or down because as we know, cases of the positive growth of infected cases are always increasing every day, even though the death rate continues to decline every day.

Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar have the same community habits and habits. And also their cultural culture is close to the same, so it is not surprising that the causes for the increase in positive cases of Covid-19 tend to be the same.

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