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Fun Fact: Indonesia's Largest Shopping Mall is not in Jakarta
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Fun Fact: Indonesia's Largest Shopping Mall is not in Jakarta

What is crossing your mind when you're thinking about Surabaya? You must be thinking about the second biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Surabaya is a modern city which a rapid development of technology and economy. Known as a metropolis city, people can imagine how Surabaya rich with skyscrapers and a super shopping mall. As a tourist destination, the shopping mall is being the icon of Surabaya and people may take it a priority when they are in Surabaya. However, the citizen of Surabaya also make a shopping activity in the super mall is kinda habit and daily needs. The existence of many shopping malls makes Surabaya people are not worried about where they have to go shopping for their daily needs or even looking for entertainment. Plenty of shopping malls in Surabaya often make people confused about which mall they should go to. The easiness access to shop in Surabaya is supported by the complete facilities in every mall which are luxurious and majestic. Start from the culinary center, fashion and style, house needs, property, makeup stuff, entertainments, and many more.

Do you know where is the largest shopping mall in Indonesia? If you have no idea about it, do you expect that the largest shopping mall in Indonesia was in Surabaya? It's 100% fact, people may not be familiar with, but it's indeed on Surabaya. Over time, people may be thinking that the largest and biggest mall is in Jakarta. In fact, one of the shopping malls in Surabaya gets the predicate of the largest and biggest Shopping Mall in Indonesia, it is Surabaya Pakuwon Mall. Surabaya people must be familiar with how large and huge this mall. It is located at Mayjen Suwono Street, Babatan, Weast Surabaya. Pakuwon Mall is also the largest mall in Surabaya beating the Tunjungan Plaza Mall. This predicate has been validated by "Asosiasi Pengelola Pusat Perbelanjaan Indonesia" as known as Indonesia Shopping Center Management.

Pakuwon Mall Shopping Center
Pakuwon Mall Shopping Center

If you think Grand Indonesia Mall by Djarum Group or Kelapa Gading Mall by Summerson Group is on the top, you're totally wrong. In fact, Surabaya Pakuwon Mall is on the top list. Based on the data, this mall is 18 hectares larges or known as 180000 meters cubic. You can imagine how large it is and how tiring it when you walk around all the floors of the mall. This Surabaya Pakuwon Mall is still in the area with Surabaya Pakuwon Mall Superblock, which is the super-elite residential complex in Surabaya with a total large area is about 30 hectares.

This magnificent and modern building was designed by a world-class architectural consultant, namely DP Architect Singapore. This modern shopping center was inaugurated in February 2017, and since the beginning of its opening, the mall has always been busy with visitors. It has been named an international mall because of the large number of foreign investors and many outlets and retailers from abroad located in the mall. Examples of foreign outlets such as Berskha, Pull & Bear, Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, Lotte Mart, Gucci, and many more. This mall has super complete brand outlets, ranging from local to international branded brands, therefore Pakuwon Mall is the shopping center with the most complete collections in Surabaya both in terms of fashion and in terms of food and drinks.

Pakuwon Mall Shopping Center
Pakuwon Mall Shopping Center

Not only the shopping center, as it has been said that this mall is still in the same area as the Pakuwon Superblock, so there are other facilities such as apartments, hotels and convention centers that can accommodate up to 5,000 people. You can also find super complete merchants here, such as Cinema XXI, Gramedia, Timezone, Adidas, Hypermart, Superindo, and many more. This mall also has super complete culinary center facilities. There are many cafes and restaurants inside with five-star quality, of course. There are more than 300 shops and 22 main stores in Pakuwon Mall Surabaya. Due to its large, this mall is able to accommodate 10 thousand cars in its parking lot, which indicates that this mall can accommodate more than that number. Since it was opened and inaugurated, this mall has continued to be under construction and development. Can you imagine how big and large this mall will be in the future?


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