5 Military Powers with The Top Power of The World

5 Military Powers with The Top Power of The World

During a pandemic like this, there are many consequences in all sectors of a country.

Not only in the economy, health, trust in the government but also in the map of world military power.

Where each country continues to strengthen not only in the health sector by increasing the budget for the sector, but also cannot forget about the defense sector.

So, which country has the strongest combat fleet in the world? Global Fire Power, a defense and security analyst institute in 2019 ranked the military forces of several countries in the world.

GFP's 2019 Military Strength Ranking list refers to more than 55 factors for assigning the Power Index score to 137 countries - plus this 2019 Moldova.

The ranking assesses the diversity of each country's defense equipment and pays special attention to its soldiers. This includes an assessment of geography, logistical capacity, available natural resources, and the status of local industries.

The New York Times said the US currently has strong alliances with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates. "They don't want to be hostile to Iran because the current situation is very difficult, so divided and sensitive," said Khalid Al Dakhil, a political sociologist in Saudi Arabia.

In terms of the Global Fire Power version ranking, the US is currently in the top position of the country with the strongest military power in the world. In the next position is Russia.

Indonesia is at number 16, one point higher than Israel.

Launching from Business Insider, here is a list of the top 5:

1. United States
The country's total population is 329.26 million. The US has 2.14 million military personnel, 2,362 combat aircraft (world number one), 6,287 battle tanks (world number 3), 415 naval assets, 24 aircraft carriers, and a defense budget of US $ 716 billion (approximately Rp.9,784 trillion).

2. Russia
The total population is 142.12 million. Russia has 3.59 million military personnel, 869 combat aircraft (world number 3), 21,932 battle tanks (world number one), 352 naval assets, 1 aircraft carrier, and a US $ 44 billion defense budget.

3. China
The total population is 1.38 billion people. China has 2.7 million military personnel, 1,222 combat aircraft (world number two), 13,050 battle tanks (world number two), 714 naval assets, 1 aircraft carrier, and a defense budget of US $ 224 billion. (Read: Dropped 0.28%, US-China Trade Peace Cannot Raise Oil Prices)

4. India
The population reaches 1.2 billion people. India has 3.46 million military personnel, 520 fighters (world number four), 4,184 (world number six), 295 naval assets, 1 aircraft carrier, and a defense budget of US $ 55.2 billion.

5. France
The population reaches 67.37 million. France has 388.64 thousand military personnel, 273 combat aircraft, 406 battle tanks, 118 naval assets, four aircraft carriers, and a defense budget of US $ 40.5 billion.


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