Top 10 Asian Fashion Brands in 2022 (Part 1). Thailand Has 2 Famous Brands

Top 10 Asian Fashion Brands in 2022 (Part 1). Thailand Has 2 Famous Brands

Asian countries are not only working hard to keep up with their counterparts in other areas of the world in terms of economics and technology, but they are also making huge strides in the fashion industry. 

Fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about cutting across the design of the fabric you're wearing. Asia's fashion industry has made enormous strides, taking the global market by storm. Various competing fashion brands' outputs are of excellent quality and well-designed to compete with their global fashion market competitors.

Several fashion businesses have expanded their marketing reach outside Africa to make their clothing and accessories known to people on other continents.

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  1. Bathing Ape (BAPE) - Japan 

Streetwear, T-shirts, Fashion apparel

NIGO founded Bathing Ape in 1993, making it one of Asia's most well-known fashion labels. The Asian continent's younger generations are enamored with the Japanese fashion company, which satisfies their demand for their preferred streetwear. Bathing Ape began its fashion career in Japan as a little T-shirt shop known as a "hole-in-the-wall." After collaborating with superstars such as Jay Z, Pharrell, Eclipse, and Kid Cut in the 2000s, it became popular in the Japanese fashion market.

The Bathing Ape fashion brand is still popular today, and its fashion garments and luxury items are gaining widespread popularity among Asia's fashion-conscious men and women. In order to continue their marketing efforts, Bathing Ape has launched trading locations outside of Europe, encompassing France and the United Kingdom. It also has stores in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and a number of other countries.


  1. Gentle Monster - South Korea 


Gentle Monster was founded in 2011 in South Korea by Hankook Kim and has since grabbed the hearts of many fashionistas. Low bridge and oversized sunglasses are the fashion brand's specialty, with prices ranging from $200 to $500.

Gentle Monster has made its way into the fashion sector, where it is well-liked by the younger generation in South Korea and other Asian countries. It acquired even more popularity after celebrities like Li Yifeng, Kris Wu, Yang Yang, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner endorsed and used it. 

With its marketing coverage spreading globally, the fashion brand has maintained its strong trendy acceptance and patronage. Gentle Monster is widely available in the UK, the US, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and other countries. Celebrities, fascinating aesthetics, and newness have all played a role in the fashion brand's amazing approach to the market.


  1. Sretsis - Thailand

Floral designed dresses, Cute tulle evening gowns, Tops, Bottoms, Jumpsuits, Outerwear, Beachwear 

Pim Sukhahuta, a graduate of the famed Parson School of Design in the United States, developed Sretsis in Thailand in 2002. The fashion label is noted for its high-quality, well-designed, and vibrant women's clothing. Sretsis has gained widespread acceptance among Thais and other Asian citizens.

After superstars like Katy Perry and Beyonce were seen wearing it on several occasions, its popularity skyrocketed. Sretsis is recognized for its gorgeous tulle evening gowns and adorable floral-patterned dresses. The fashion label sells its products in a number of Asian countries as well as other parts of the globe. All of Sretsis' stylish items are reasonably priced.


  1. Pomelo - Thailand 

Dresses, Tops, Knits, Jackets, Denim

Pomelo is one of Thailand's most well-known fashion labels. The fashion label's concept is based on Bangkok's native digital fashion. David Jou launched this popular fashion label in 2011. Pomelo has piqued the curiosity of Asian fashionistas by making its items available both online and off. 

Customers have been able to save more money by shopping online, and their things have been delivered to their designated locations. Pomelo has inculcated the act of continually introducing new designs into the fashion market to ensure it competes effectively with other fashion businesses.This has helped to advertise its product both within and outside of Asia.


  1. Lantern Sense-Hong Kong 

Blouse, Gown, Feminine fashion outfits

Trevor Ng and Lala Yang created Lantern Sense, a Hong Kong-based fashion label, in 2014. The fashion brand's founders previously worked in the photography and painting industries and were able to apply their experience to the fashion industry. Lantern Sense has specialized in feminine gowns and has become a well-known fashion brand among ladies in Hong Kong and around Asia. Lantern Sense is noted for its colorful and high-quality shirts, dresses, and other feminine fashion ensembles. Customers can afford all of the trendy things produced by this fashion brand.



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