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Top 10 Asian Fashion Brands in 2022 (Part 2). South Korea Still "The Leader"

Top 10 Asian Fashion Brands in 2022 (Part 2). South Korea Still "The Leader"

Asian countries are not only working hard to keep up with their counterparts in other areas of the world in terms of economics and technology, but they are also making huge strides in the fashion industry. 

Fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about cutting across the design of the fabric you're wearing. Asia's fashion industry has made enormous strides, taking the global market by storm. Various competing fashion brands' outputs are of excellent quality and well-designed to compete with their global fashion market competitors.

Several fashion businesses have expanded their marketing reach outside Africa to make their clothing and accessories known to people on other continents.

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You can check Part 1 to know that Thailand has two famous brands in Asia. 


  1. Doodlage-India 

Clothing, Accessories, Bags 

Doodlage is a fashion brand established in India that has been around for a while. Among Indians, the fashion brand is the most popular. It has opened sales offices in various Asian nations. Doodlage is a fashion label that produces dresses, shirts, and blouses, among other items. 

It was founded on the principle that no material should be thrown away. As a result, it recycles all waste materials and uses them as raw materials to make fashionable accessories, bags, and other items. Customers are especially enticed by the packaging aesthetic of Doodlage fashion businesses.

They employ biodegradable materials that can be used as fertilizer once the garments and other materials have been removed. Doodlage fashion products are all reasonably priced.


  1. Rokh-South Korea 

Twisted seams, Exaggerated hemlines, Cut-open sleeves

Rokh is a fashion label founded by Rok Hwang in South Korea. The fashion label has continued to establish itself in the Asian fashion market. Rokh is known for producing well-designed, high-quality, and engaging clothes for men and women in South Korea and throughout Asia. 

Rokh has simplified things for fashion freaks who are more concerned with the aesthetic values of the fashion materials in their wardrobe.

They specialize in producing materials with artistic value, such as twisted seams, exaggerated hemlines, and cut-open sleeves for men and women. All of them were sold at a reasonable price.


  1. Reves Studio-Singapore 

Gowns, Blouse

Reves Studio is an Indonesian fashion label founded in 2016 by Karina Priscilla, a Singaporean, and Karina Widjaja, an Indonesian. The fashion label has turned its attention to the creation of easy-to-wear and economical apparel for clients. 

Reves Studio is a fashion firm that uses silk organza and wool to create unique designs of clothing in vibrant colors for its consumers in Singapore and other Asian nations. Reves Studio's sensual sheath dresses are ideal for all fashion-conscious women who want to seem radiant, lively, and gorgeous.


  1. Goen Jong-South Korea 

Lingerie, Turtle neck sweaters, Black dresses, Tee shirts

Goen Jong, a South Korean fashion designer, founded this company in 2012. Goen Jong founded the fashion label after graduating from Studio Bergot, where he studied design programs. 

Because of its devotion to manufacturing high-quality, well-designed, durable, and inexpensive clothing, the fashion brand has remained popular across the Asian continent. Its popularity among fashionistas skyrocketed after celebrity Rihana was seen wearing it on several occasions.

This put Goen Jong's fashion materials in the hearts of the people of the Asian continent. Goen Jong's underwear, Tuttle neck sweaters, black dresses, and tee shirts have been his mainstays. To get a sense of their fashion offerings, visit their store in any part of Asia.


  1. MimpiKita - Malaysia

Luxurious Eid collections, Office outfits, Casual wears, Bridal clothing

MimpiKita is a Malaysian fashion label founded by three Zulkifli sisters in the country. MimpiKita's fashion outputs, with their elegance, vibrancy, and color splashes, have represented the three sisters' fashion desires. "MimpiKita" is a Japanese term that means "dream."

The fashion firm has been focusing on refining its current fashion design on a daily basis, making its fashion products a popular choice for all fashionistas in Malaysia and around Asia. MimpiKita specializes in creating opulent Eid collections, office clothes, casual wear, and bridal dress.


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