The fastest in the world! In 60 days, the Jakarta Formula E track is complete

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The fastest in the world! In 60 days, the Jakarta Formula E track is complete

Nuno Fernandez, Jakarta Formula EPrix Operations Manager, stated that the Jakarta Formula E circuit will be completed on time. He also claimed that it was the world's fastest permanent racing track building.

On June 4, 2022, the Jakarta Formula E race will take place. The Jakarta EPrix racing circuit is 2.4 kilometers long, 16 meters wide (the left and right sides of the track are each 2 meters wide), and 600 meters long straight. It has the appearance of a "lumping horse."

Nuno claimed that the Formula E circuit in Ancol was built in the fastest time in the world, taking only 60 days to complete.

Keterangan Gambar (© Pemilik Gambar)

"To date, this project is the first in the world to establish a permanent circuit from the ground up in only 60 days," Nuno said in a video posted to Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria's Instagram account on Thursday (7/4/2022).

However, the process did not go as planned. Due to the lack of safety issues at the circuit, the FIA revised the building of the Formula E circuit.

The project, which had been scheduled to be completed on March 27, 2022, had to be postponed by two weeks.

Iriawan, the Jakarta Formula E Executive Committee, stated that as a result of the adjustment, the development achievement objective, which was previously 54 days, has been extended.

Gunung Kartiko, the deputy managing director of Formula E Jakarta, said in a press conference on Thursday that the inaugural all-electric formula racing series, which will be hosted in Ancol, North Jakarta, has drawn enthusiasts from all over the world.

"Those who bought the tickets aren't simply Indonesians; over half of [the sold tickets] were bought by people from other countries," Gunung remarked on May 19.

In a press conference held at the Ancol Formula E Circuit, he stated that only 21% of tickets were purchased by Indonesians, with the majority of tickets being purchased by racing fans from Japan (9.4%), Australia (9.1%), the United States (6.1), the Philippines (6.1), India (6.1), Italy (6.1), and the United Kingdom (6.1). (6.1).

Fans from Malaysia, Turkey, Tunisia, Poland, Norway, and Argentina also ordered tickets.



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