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Top 3 best-selling cars 2021 in each ASEAN country

Top 3 best-selling cars 2021 in each ASEAN country

Which automobiles are poised to be successful sellers in Southeast Asia? The answer is derived from reports of automobiles manufactured in Japan, Korea, and ..domestic prodution.

Vietnam: Small automobiles dominate

It should not come as a surprise that Japan and Korea hold the top three spots for best-selling brands because Japan and Korea are also the countries that produced the Toyota Vios and the Hyundai Accent. However, it is important to point out that VinFast Fadil is the true "champion" of the Vietnamese, as he was able to "kick" the huge Vios out of the number one position, which he had held for a number of years.

In addition, while looking at the Top 3, it is clear that the Vietnamese people still choose automobiles in the A and B class because of the numerous benefits that come along with them, such as reasonable prices and compact designs that are simple to maneuver.

Pickup vehicles are extremely popular in Thailand.

Pickup vehicles are very popular in Thailand. The fact that the Isuzu D-Max and the Toyota Hilux are the two models that sell the most copies in this region is evidence of this. It is important to note that these two models are not very popular in Vietnam. This is especially true for the Isuzu D-Max, which is frequently "sold out" in the market sector.

Indonesia: I Love MPV

MPVs are responsible for 45 percent of the sales of new cars in Indonesia. In 2021, Toyota Avanza leads. Following behind the Hyundai Santa Fe in second place is the Mitsubishi Xpander. According to Indonesia Investments, the reason that people in this country enjoy driving MPVs so much is because they enjoy taking trips with their families or with groups of friends, both of which require a vehicle that has sufficient passenger space.

One further thing that distinguishes the top three best-selling vehicles in Indonesia from those in other nations in the region is the presence of a light commercial vehicle made by Suzuki called the Carry. However, Indonesians are not startled by this news because Carry has a reputation that is almost mythical in this nation.

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The most popular vehicle in Malaysia is a local make.

In 2021, the top three best-selling cars are all produced by Perodua, which is the largest car manufacturer in Malaysia. Not only in this year, Paultan, the website, has According to the findings of the study, Perodua currently occupies both of the top two spots on the list of best-selling automobiles for the entire decade, which spans from 2010 to 2019.

Malaysians buy indigenous cars not only out of a sense of national pride, but also because these vehicles offer a number of practical benefits. The cost is quite reasonable.

Simply put, the Philippines should be Toyota.
There were class A, class B, and pickup truck sales among the top three best-selling automobiles in the Philippines. It is important to point out that all of them are manufactured by Toyota. The purchase of a car is viewed as an investment by Filipinos, as stated by Autoindustriya; hence, consumers need not be scared to spend their money on Toyota: Every market has it, there are stores everywhere (similar to how there are Honda motorcycle shops in Vietnam), many people nearby use it, and those people believe in the reliability, longevity, and resale value of Toyota products.

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