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Most Popular Motorcycles Around the World

Most Popular Motorcycles Around the World

The world map below was created by the staff at Budget Direct Motorcycle Insurance and shows the most well-known motorcycles in almost every nation. The globe appears to lean toward orange most of the time, and orange is the color key for Harley-Davidson.

To determine how frequently a motorcycle brand is searched for online in a given nation, the team analyzed Google Keyword data. Except for Mexico, which prefers Honda over Harley-Davidson, and Honduras, which prefers Kawasaki, every continent in North America is a Harley-Davidson lover.

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Source: Budget Direct Motorcycle Insurance

When you travel to South America, Honda takes the lead. Motorcycles from either Japanese brands like Honda and Yamaha or Harley-Davidson are available. In Jamaica, Guyana, and the Dominican Republic, aficionados of European brands like Ducati can be found.

All of the nations in this region of the world (first image below) search for Harley-Davidson bikes the most, with the exception of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where Kawasaki motorcycles are the most popular and Latvia, where Honda motorcycles are more popular.

Although Ducati continues to be the most popular motorcycle in Italy, Kawasaki is more popular in Spain. As you move to Africa, the continent becomes more diversified and you start to see Indian producers there as well. While Royal Enfield is the most popular brand in Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Nigeria, Bajaj Auto motorcycles are the most popular in Ethiopia.

Tanzania appears to prefer Vespa, whilst the southernmost portion of Africa strictly looks only for Ducati or Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

The popularity of Harley-Davidson is still on the rise in the East, but Royal Enfield continues to dominate much of South Asia. In its native Japan, Kawasaki is the most well-liked motorcycle brand. Honda, another well-known Japanese automaker, is the market leader in South Korea and the Philippines. Australia is all about orange.

Small motorbikes and scooters have long dominated urban traffic in places like Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Ho Chi Minh City. The two largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Honda and Yamaha, have controlled this enormous regional market.

The third-largest market in the world after China and India, Southeast Asia, is undergoing a structural revolution that is steadily changing the landscape. Motorbikes with larger engine capacities are outselling their smaller relatives in Malaysia and Vietnam.

As demand for larger bikes in first-world nations declines, motorcycle manufacturers including Italy's Ducati Motor Holding, Japan's Kawasaki, and Austria's KTM are among those seeking to establish a new axis of growth in this 600 million-person market.



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