Southeast Asia's Highest-Consuming countries of Instant Noodles

Southeast Asia's Highest-Consuming countries of Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are still highly popular nowadays all around the world. Many people ate it frequently when they were strapped for cash in college or university. Or you could grab a quick lunch from the convenience shop while working. They typically cost little and take only a few minutes to prepare by adding hot water.

Even though instant noodles are consumed all across the world, Asia has the highest rate of instant noodle consumption. Asian nations are the top 10 users of instant noodles, consuming many times more than other regions of the world.

China also consumes the most quick noodles of any other nation. China is the country with the highest demand for instant noodles globally, according to the World Instant Noodles Association. In China, 43.990 million servings of instant noodles were consumed in 2021.

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China consumes more than 43 million instant noodle packets, or around 39% of all packets sold worldwide. Indonesia consumes 13,270 million packets, while Vietnam consumes 8,560 million packets. Singapore consumes 130 million servings of instant noodles, the least amount in all of Southeast Asia.

The most consumed variety of noodles in Indonesia is "Mie Goreng," or fried noodles. Chili-infused flavors of vegetables, chicken, and shrimp are popular. Since Muslims make up the majority of the population, most goods are halal.

Vietnamese people favor springy noodles, and the most popular flavor is Tom ChuaCay (a combination of shrimp and acidic flavors). To cooked instant noodles, they also add onions, lemons, and peppers. Numerous items use Vietnamese-only pho rice noodles in addition to wheat noodles.

The most popular kind in the Philippines, with 4,440 million servings (7th in the world), is the "Pancit Canton" fried noodle. While shellfish taste is also popular for soup noodles, the flavors of calamondin (a citrus fruit) and fiery chile are both popular. Filipinos tend to eat little cups of instant noodles as snacks.

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