High-Speed Internet Connection is Ready for G20 Summit in Bali

High-Speed Internet Connection is Ready for G20 Summit in Bali

The world's largest mobile operator Telkomsel revealed that it had set up 39 5G base transceiver stations, or BTS for short, at the major Bali venue for the next G20 Summit.

At the summit's main area location, Telkomsel has prepared a total of 682 BTS, of which 320 are 4G base stations, in advance of the eagerly anticipated conference. Additionally, Telkomsel has set up 130 and 193 base stations, respectively, for 3G and 2G network services. 

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It claims that Telkomsel has added 11 small mobile BTS (Combat). To improve the user experience for the delegates, the mobile provider is also introducing 120 Gbps and an additional 88 4G BTS.

During the G20 Summit, Telkomsel would focus on the major venue, supporting venue, and supporting amenities, such as toll highways, tourist attractions, and shopping malls.

Director of Network Telkomsel, Nugroho, stated that Telkomsel currently collaborates with 382 cellular telecommunication companies from 180 countries around the world and that as many as 48 telecommunication companies from all countries of the G20 delegation will be present in Indonesia. This information relates to the anticipated network usage for delegates who use their cards.

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According to him, the collaboration comprises 4G roaming agreements with at least one cellular phone provider from each nation as well as 12 5G roaming agreements with providers from the US, Saudi Arabia, Canada, South Korea, France, the People's Republic of China, Russia, and Turkey.

Additionally, his party has introduced the Telkomsel Prepaid Tourist starting card, which is backed by Telkomsel's Hyper 5G service, to optimize communication needs to the digital activities of foreign delegates throughout the series of G20 activities in Indonesia.

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Through a bonus data/internet quota of 25 gigabytes, a local call quota of 25 minutes, and an international call quota (IDD) of 25 minutes, the Telkomsel Prepaid Tourist Card offers maximum access to the greatest digital experience for foreign delegates.

Telkomsel also offers assistance services at various locations to help with the registration process for International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) smart devices that will be used by delegate representatives during the G20 series of activities, based on the outcomes of coordination with the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information and the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.



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