Underrated Experience! Try These 10 Amazing Small Group Travel Tours To Experience in 2023 (Part 2)

Underrated Experience! Try These 10 Amazing Small Group Travel Tours To Experience in 2023 (Part 2)

Small-group trips come with a number of important advantages. You can start by going to smaller, more obscure locations that are inconvenient for large gatherings. Similarly, you may partake in immersive activities that huge groups cannot because of their cumbersome size.

If you've been considering that kind of vacation recently, you need to learn about Collette's Small Group Explorations, the tour operator offering a convenient, hassle-free mode of transportation.

If you haven't heard of Collette before, it is a family-owned tour operator that was established in 1918 and provides more than 160 excursions on all seven continents in five different types of travel, including river cruises and small-group traveling.

The best part, according to Collette, is that the tour operator treats each visitor "like a treasured friend" and encourages them to "sit back and let us handle all the logistics so you can enjoy the time of your life."

Take the less-traveled route with Collette's Small Group Explorations tours: Immerse yourself in captivating, immersive activities; rest in accommodations that reflect the local culture; eat authentic, regional cuisine; and discover a place's true culture with extra built-in free time.

You won't be in the crowd when you join a small group tour of 14 to 24 travelers; instead, you'll be a vital component of a cultural journey. Join a small group trip to experience a place's heart like never before.

From 6 to 10, what you should know about 10 of Collette's most well-liked Small Group Explorations excursions is provided below.

6. Roaming Coastal Maine
Portland, Acadia, And Penobscot Bay

Roaming Coastal Maine. PHOTO CREDIT: COLLETTE

This is Maine, she says, "where limitless wilderness, rugged coasts, and lobster build a coastal New England classic." You will find towering mountains, mouthwatering food, and busy harbors in this marine treasure.

Highlights of the 7-day, 6-night vacation include visiting Portland Head Light, Maine's oldest lighthouse, learning how lobster traps are retrieved from the water, and touring Acadia National Park.

Even better, after visiting an oyster farm, you may enjoy an authentic New England meal at a local Maine lobster shack and some oysters.

Unique Experiences

When the tour stops in Portland, there are other options available. Join a locally led walking tour around Portland's oldest neighborhood to learn about its variety, or go to the Portland Museum of Art, the state's oldest and largest public art gallery.

Rates for Roaming Coastal Maine begin at $2,699 per person.

7. Treasures Of Turkey
Istanbul, Ancient Ephesus, And Cappadocia

Treasures of Turkey. PHOTO CREDIT: COLLETTE

Explore renowned architecture, surreal vistas, and underground cities in the nation that spans the divide between the east and the west, says Collette. "Delight your senses and inspire your imagination in gorgeous Turkey. From the earthy delights of Istanbul's famous Spice Market to the sublime power of a Whirling Dervishes event."

The 16-day/14-night journey, which is home to the Topkapi Palace, spends three nights in Istanbul, which is described as "a melting pot of cultures, historical monuments, and religious communities."

Other highlights of the trip include a journey down the Bosphorus Strait, which connects Europe and Asia, the chance to follow in Paul the Apostle's footsteps as he explored the remains of ancient Ephesus, and going to a Sufi Whirling Dervishes ritual.

Unique Experiences

The Cleopatra Antique Pools hot spring water bathing experience or a guided golf cart tour of Pamukkale's Greco-Roman ruins are two other highlights of this tour that may very well be once in a lifetime experiences.

Rates for Treasures of Turkey begins at $3,599.

8. Journey Through Egypt And Jordan
Pyramids Of Giza, the Nile River, And The Dead Sea

Journey Through Egypt and Jordan. PHOTO CREDIT: COLLETTE

"Enter into countries of stories, relics, and unparalleled beauty," says Collette. "Experience a dramatic universe beyond imagination." The essence of Egypt and Jordan is "eons of history and iconic wonders, tantalizing bits of flavorful cuisine, and long sunsets fading against the desert horizon."

The must-see ancient attractions in Egypt are the Pyramids of Giza and the austere Sphinx, as well as the tombs of King Tut and Ramses VI, and this itinerary goes above and beyond expectations by encompassing visits to all of these locations as well as a tour of the Valley of the Kings.

The 13-day/12-night trip's other highlights include a three-night Nile cruise, a trip to the desert town of Wadi Rum, sometimes known as the "Valley of the Moon," and a cookery instruction in Arabic using fresh items from regional markets.

Unique Experiences

Before making a choice, visitors to Petra, also known as the "Rose Red City," have a choice of hiking to one of the city's most famous landmarks, the "Monastery," having tea with a local family and learning about Bedouin culture, or visiting a Nabatean outpost.

Rates for the Journey Through Egypt and Jordan begin at $3,799 per person.

9. Peaks Of Europe: The Alps To The Dolomites
France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, And Italy

Peaks of Europe: The Alps to The Dolomites. PHOTO CREDIT: COLLETTE

"Set out on an energizing tour across Europe's majestic Alps and picture-perfect villages," Collette says. Explore France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy to find spectacular scenery and hospitable regional charm.

The trip's highlights include ascending four distinctive mountains by cable car and cogwheel train as well as visiting Jungfraujoch, which is referred to as the "Top of Europe" since it connects the Jungfrau and the Mönch mountains.

Other notable highlights of the 13-day, 12-night trip include a two-night stay in Chamonix, France, at the base of Mount Blanc, the chance to ride the panoramic GoldenPass train and see the Swiss landscape, and touring the terraced vineyards of Lavaux before a wine tasting.

Unique Experiences

The trip also provides a compelling selection. The opulent Terme Chamonix spa is the perfect place to unwind and indulge, while adventure seekers should choose to take a cable car journey up the 12,605-foot-tall Aiguille du Midi instead.

Rates for Peaks of Europe: The Alps to The Dolomites begin at $4,499 per person.

10. Costa Rica: A World Of Nature
Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano, And Manuel Antonio National Park

Costa Rica: A World of Nature. PHOTO CREDIT: COLLETTE

Explore the soul of Costa Rica to find out what pura vida means to you, says Collette. "From exhilarating water trips to ethereal forest expeditions." It's time to explore the natural world.

The trip's highlights include walking a network of hanging bridges over the rainforest floor as well as spending two nights in a remote lodge in San Carlos and three nights in the area of Arenal National Park.

Other activities on the 13-day, 12-night journey will undoubtedly help you make experiences you'll never forget. For instance, the tour offers opportunities to sample cocoa at a nearby plantation, visit the world's first sea turtle research station in Tortuguero National Park, and take a riverboat excursion to spot crocodiles, birds, and other wildlife.

Unique Experiences

The trip also provides what can only be described as an amazing selection. A zip-line trip can be taken by thrill-seekers for "unique" views of the Arenal rainforest. The alternative is to go on a somewhat challenging climb through Arenal Volcano National Park, through lava fields to get a memorable perspective of the volcano.

Rates for Costa Rica: A World of Nature begins at $2,399 per person.



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